Reclaiming My Time in 2020

Last year, I learned a lot of things about myself – good and bad. However, I appreciated each lesson and plan to use them to better myself this year. Basically, your girl is ready to flourish and I’m reclaiming my time in 2020.

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Keep reading to see three ways that I’m reclaiming my time this year.

Reclaiming My Time in 2020 – Sticking To The Schedule

Last year, I finally figured out the ideal way to schedule a hectic life. For me, writing down everything has been the key for me to keep things in order. Occasionally, I might add a date here or there in my Google calendar, but I mainly write them down in my planner. Yes, I was able to get my Create & Cultivate planner that I mentioned in my January Lust-Have List. I had to visit 4 different Target and finally found one 30 minutes away, but I got it. However, it was totally worth the wait and drive – it helps me keep everything in order and motivates me. It’s so good and I can’t see myself not using this planner all year. Actually, it’s the reason I wrote this post. 😛

Reclaiming My Time in 2020 – No Means No

For most of my life, I’ve been a “people pleaser”, which I now cringe about. However, always saying “yes” caused me to stress and spread to thin. It was the worst feeling, because I was still having to deal with my own things. So, I’m definitely making “No” a complete sentence. I’m not heartless – if I can help, I will. However, I can’t bend over backward anymore. I’m sure some people will not be happy about it, but they will understand if they truly love me/you. #TrustMe

Reclaiming My Time in 2020 – Dedicated Self-Care Moments

I love any moment that I can find time to squeeze in a moment to treat myself. Still, I didn’t have that many opportunities last year to have some self-care moments. This year, tho?! Oh. I’m going in! I’m going to create a standing nail appointment to refresh my gel manicure every 4-weeks. Also, I plan to get back to my 6-8 weeks hair appointments and I would like to add monthly facials, too. I can’t wait and I don’t plan to look back.

What’s something that you ‘re looking to improve or add to your life this year? Share below.

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