Get Unstuck When Life Gets Hectic

It’s almost inevitable that at some point in your life, you will find yourself stuck. Hell, I can recall feeling stuck 3 times this year alone. It’s been a rough year, to say the least. When I find myself feeling stuck, I have a few go-to activities to help me get out of my rut and even flourish.

Ways to get unstuck in life

If you find your self in season of uncertainty or feeling stagnant, check out my suggestions on how to fight it and potentially grow out from it.

Ways To Get Unstuck: Embrace A Hobby

Everyone has a hobby, even if you don’t know it. Be it reading, drawing, or even playing video games. Hobbies help you step away from your everyday life of responsibilities and zone out for minute. However, they can also help you realize that one tweak that can help you get over the road block in your life. When you turn your focus and energy from one thing, it can help you figure out the solution to another.

Ways To Get Unstuck: Assess Your Goals

We all have goals or we all should have goals. No matter how short-term or long-term they maybe. However, sometimes we don’t realize that we outgrow our goals, which is a reason that some people get burned out. You spend so much time working on something that you eventually realize you no longer want. So, take a moment to lay out your goals; short and long term. Afterwards, look and see if you are still interested in attaining them or if you have another goal you would like to nurture. It’s okay to give up something you once was dedicated to and move on to something new that interests you. We all grow and change, which means so can our goals.

Ways To Get Unstuck: Journal

I used to journal all the time, but then I started to only journal every now and then. However, one night last week, I felt my thoughts crashing in on me. I felt mentally paralyzed, because it was too much cluttering my frame of mind. The only I thing I could do was grab a piece of my paper and do a mental dump all over the paper of everything that was going on in my mind. When I say mental dump; I mean. I wrote about everything from the need to clean my room to how I want to exude happiness more. In the end, I felt about 20 pounds lighter and I was able to actually put some of those things in motion. I felt revived and ready to take on any task at hand.

Ways To Get Unstuck: Logout

Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine life without the instant ability to respond to texts and emails while seeing what a stranger you follow half way around the world ate for lunch. Listen, I love social media, because it’s a quick mindless thing to do while waiting for your coffee order, but it’s also a big rabbit hole to fall down. Social media can hinder your self-esteem and productivity. Therefore, I recommend logging off your accounts or just turn your phone off altogether.

Personally, I’m rarely on social media on the weekends. Instead, I use that time to live life, even if it only involves me running errands or binging TV. It’s one less distraction. Also, I keep my ringer off while and work and forget to turn it back on when I get home. So, my evenings are less hectic and it gives me time to have a clear mind.

Ways To Get Unstuck: Declutter

I’m a firm believer in the power of decluttering your life. Decluttering spaces in your life is a productive way to make room, while editing the life you want. Items and people have a way at blocking things you want and need in your life. Once you remove things from your life that don’t serve you a purpose, you make room for new things that do.

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