Weekend At Home: Take Some Time To Yourself


Summer is almost a wrap, kids are on their way back to school (for those of you with kids) and the semi-relax weekdays are slowly dwindling away and are being replaced with work, school projects, and required extra curricular activities. So, might I suggest that at least every other weekend you sit back, hide in your A/C engulfed home from the final days of sweltering heat, and sip some lemon ice water while catching up on a book you haven’t finished and or TV shows clogging up your DVR.

This weekend, I’m planning to create a few more dents in my sofa while watching reruns of ‘Blossom’, clipping magazines for pieces for my inspiration and vision boards, and snacking. Might I suggest you find the time to relax more on the weekends, at least before the holiday season comes to attack all your free time in the mid to late Fall.

Stay Stylish!

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