WEEKEND AT HOME: Wreath Wrangling


YES! Thanksgiving is over and now it’s officially time to deck the halls with all the Christmas music and decorations you can personally tolerate.

Last weekend, my sister and I put up our tree and started decorating it. We haven’t added the final touches of personal ornaments, garland, and candy canes, though. This weekend, we plan to finish up decorating the tree and also start on decorating the outside. Although my sister loves Christmas time, I don’t think we are ready to get super festive with outside decorations. We might just string some light on the deck and hang a wreath.

Wreaths. Aren’t they great and versatile. No matter the season or holiday, there’s a wreath for that. A couple of weeks ago when I was looking and pondering about the type I was pretty set on get a big, lush green traditional wreath with a big red bow in tact. Now….I’m leaning toward a more statement wreath.

I love the red wreath made out of curled wood, plus, thanks to the deep red, it could work in the fall and Valentine’s Day, too. The bright and colorful ornament wreath has all the same colors and textures as the ornaments on my tree. However, the one I’m fixated on is the bell wreath from Williams-Sonoma. Yep, I think this is the one. Sleigh bells!

Stay Stylish!

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