What I Need From Target Right Now

In yesterday’s newsletter, I shared some of my favorite ways I shop at Target without going broke. Target, one of the happiest places on earth, can be a tricky place for you and you wallet to end up. However, it’s one of those places that you find yourself needing to go to frequently, because there are always things you need from Target.

things I need from Target right now

Personally, I used to find myself in Target 1-2 times a week, which doesn’t sound that bad. However, when you mysteriously spend $100+ each trip when you only needed about 2% of the things you bought, it can get very problematic. Eventually, I was able to cut those 1-2 times a week Target runs to 1-2 times a month. Once I stuck to those tips I shared in yesterday’s newsletter, I no longer spent over $200 a month on stuff I didn’t need. However, at this moment, there are a few things that I need from Target. Keep reading to see what and why I need these things.

At Target, there are three main categories I buy; clothing/accessories, beauty/health, and home decor. So, I’ve broken these things down to these 3 categories, for the sake of convenience.

What I Need From Target: Clothing and Accessories

need from target lace kimono

I’ve been needing a simple, but lightweight kimono that I can wear to work or play. This mix lace kimono by WhoWhatWear is the perfect mix of cool casual vibes, but still appropriate to layer over a summer dress for work. The fact that it’s available in black or white is a cherry on top.

need from target block heel strap sandals

Another Who What Wear item I need right now are these block heel sandals. I’ve been wearing flats for too long and my feet and arches are starting to get annoyed. So, I need to start adding some heels to work week. The block sandals are still on trend for summer. These sandals are available in 5 different shades, but the rosy pink pair will look great against my tanned skin.

large-straw tote from Target

I’ve been wanting this large straw tote since I included in the straw purses for summer post. My budget and I have been waiting patiently to catch it on sale of for Target to have 40% off accessories on their Cartwheel app. However, I’m not sure how much longer I can wait, because this needs to be mine ASAP.

What I Need From Target: Beauty and Health

need from target caolion pore mask

Since I buy most of my beauty and health products from Target, this section could get long. However, I will spare you the time and me the typing by focusing only on products I’ve been meaning to try. First up is this¬†K-Beauty pore tightening mask from by Caolion Origianl. My skin has been oilier and it feels like my pores have been visible for miles away. So, hopefully, this mask will help with both of these skin issues I have to deal with in the summer.

MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair

The next thing on my list is this MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair concentrate. I read a few raving reviews about this serum, but what peaked my interest is that it contains probiotics. Plus, it’s packed with other anti-aging ingredients to help brightening tighten your skin.

products I need from target seaweed bath co body wash

Something that’s weird about me that annoys me is that my face is mostly oily, but the skin on my body is mostly dry. Not the basic normal/dry, but dry dry. So, I have to use body products for dry skin, which is why I want to try this Eucalyptus & Peppermint Body Wash by The Seaweed Bath Co.. The Seaweed Bath Co. products are formulated to hydrate, replenish, and nourish the skin. Although I’ve yet to try anything from this line, I’ve read great reviews and look forward to trying them.

What I Need From Target: Furniture/Home Decor

Over the past decade, Target’s home decor and furniture has evolved tremendously and I have the bank statements to prove it. Like beauty section, I could go on forever listing all of the home decor items I want from Target. However, there is only one thing I need from Target right now; a patio table set. Since I just need a little table set to sit at to drink my coffee in the morning to watch my dogs play, this little wicker bistro set is perfect. Plus, it fold up, which makes it great to travel, when needed.


Shopbop is having one of their amazing sales and it just started today. I wanted to let you all know ASAP so you can grab somethings before all the good stuff is gone. This post isn’t sponsored, it’s love for you!

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