Jul 302014


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Jul 292014


Chanel’s Boy Bag has definitely been one of the most coveted bags of the year. The structured and quilted bag is a hybrid of ladylike, but edginess thanks to the heavy hardware and chains. However, since it is Chanel, the price tag can be hard for most wallets to digest. Luckily, there have been a few dupes to hit the fashion streets and you now have the option to buy, save, or splurge on a boy bag.


Stay Stylish!

Jul 282014


Despite the heat, I’ve been upping my daily makeup game. I have to admit that I’ve been very lazy the past couple of months and lagged on putting much, if any emphasis on my appearance, even to work. However, recently in a morning meeting, my boss said 2 word to me that changed that – “Long night?”

Considering that I went to bed super early and had more than 7 hours of deep and calming sleep, all I could do is laugh and play it off as if my boss was right. Instead, I noted to myself that I need to get of out my lazy beauty funk and care about how I look again. The next day, I did a complete 180 and made myself more presentable.

Therefore, I’m starting to buy more beauty and skincare products again, in case you haven’t noticed. This weekend, I picked up a few little items to try. First up is Yes To Tomatoes Acne Facial Mask. I haven’t tried anything from the Yes To Tomatoes line, but I haven’t had a problem with any of the Yes To lines. So, I should be okay with this mask, which is made to help with acne prone skin thanks to lycopene, which is found in tomatoes.

The next thing I bought was L’Oreal Visible Lift Blur Foundation, which supposed to help with the appearance of wrinkles, lines, and uneven skin tone. I wore it all this weekend and its been pretty good. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to apply it, because it’s medium to full coverage. Still, I’m loving right now.

The last thing I got was a Wet n Wild polish in Heatwave, which is the perfect deep coral red polish for summer and even fall. The color is opaque and 1-2 coats is more than enough.

So, these were just a few beauty things I picked up this weekend. I’m scared for my wallet this upcoming weekend, because its tax-free weekend here in Tennessee and I get paid on Friday, too. Pray for my bank account.

Stay Stylish!

Jul 242014


I’ve always had an issue with keeping a healthy lifestyle. It’s definitely one of the personal issues that I’ve dealt with all of my life. However, I recently figured out that the formula that works for me is taking small steps…literally and figuratively. I’ve been reaching more for the door to go outside and walk instead of the remote control and I’ve also been weening myself off of too much fast food, sodas, and processed food. It’s beginning to pay off, too. I’m starting to feel more energized and eager to try more ways to keep moving.

The next small step I want to try is yoga. I haven’t tried yoga in the past, but I’ve always wanted to try it. I wanted to take a yoga class in college, but couldn’t work it around my schedule and instead took a walking course to fulfill my physical fitness requirement. Yes, a class that requires you to walk is a real thing in a real college, but I digress. Still, I wanted to take yoga.

So, this past weekend I tried yoga for the first time and I instantly felt so relaxed and my muscles felt loose and limber. For the past few months, my mind has been all over the place with work and family situations and yoga has really helped me regroup and clear my mind. I loved it and plan to try to find and take some yoga classes. However, first…I need some appropriate yoga clothes.

I have plenty of sports bras and tees and a few yoga pants, but I need some yoga tees and yoga shorts and found plenty on SweatyBetty.com. SweatyBetty.com is this amazing online retailer that focuses on providing great clothing options for an active lifestyle. I love their purpose:

“To inspire women to find empowerment through fitness.”

I actually believe and agree with that statement. Once you truly begin to live a better lifestyle that involves fitness, you feel a sense of invincible. Personally, I feel like I can go conquer so many other tasks, physical and mental, when I leave and rest after a nice workout. So, I’m all about the Sweat Betty’s purpose and it doesn’t hurt that they offer a nice selection of cute, functional, and affordable fitness wear and gear.

Above, you can see a  few pieces that I scoped from Sweat Betty that I wouldn’t mind adding to my less than full fitness drawer. That harem skirt has just been ordered and is currently on its way to me!

Stay Stylish!

*Sponsored, BUT all words are my own.

Jul 242014


Picture taking has developed so much thanks to technology. Everyone with a smartphone and editing app can be a photographer…if they tell it.

Fuji Film introduced their Instax camera line a while back that revived the instant click and print ability of yesteryears, but with the big and clunky camera. Well, they upped the ante by combining camera phones and instant printing with their Instax printer.

The Instax printer allows you to take a picture with your phone, send to the printer via an Instax app, and print all in 30 seconds.


The app also has plenty of cool features including printing real time info such as time, weather, and location and also has a built-in filter options to enhance your pictures without the need of an additional app. Plus, you can share the framed picture on all your social media accounts. I love technology!

Stay Stylish!

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