Jul 242012
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When I was young (i.e. late teens/early 20s), I was all about skin care, especially age-fighting products. I figured that the best way to prevent wrinkles and lines in my later years, is to fight them in my younger years before they could get a chance to find my face and get comfortable in the form of wrinkles and lines. Now, flip all the way to me now, at the age of 30. Can you believe that the girl who was obsessed with anti-aging products is now a woman with aging problems and NO ANTI-AGING PRODUCTS?!

Now, here I am ready to go to battle with aging skin and no weaponry in the form of wrinkle fighting moisturizers or creams. Oh, what a dry and tangled web I’ve woven. Well, I’m ready to prepare myself and I want to start at a place that used to give me life and rejuvenated my youth when I was a youth and hopefully will have the same effects on me now at the aging age of 30 as they did at 20; the Origins counter at my nearest department store (read: Macy’s)

Origins was everything to me when it came to skin care! They make some of the most amazing products for any and every skin type. I can still remember buying and swooning over their Never A Dull Moment exfoliator. Back then it came in a little jar, instead of a tube, but I’m sure it’s just as amazing. I would use it 1-2x a week and would be left with a smooth and bright complexion that would make my make-up look so effing flawless. I mean, your skin is your canvas. What’s the point of using some of the most expensive and luxe paints on a tattered and uncared after canvas. The same philosophy can be applied to your skin and makeup. Proper skincare is everything.

So, I need to get an anti-aging skin regimen and I’m pretty much sold on Origin’s Starting Over collection. Perfect title, don’t you think? The Starting Over collection only features an eye cream and moisturizer, but both are aimed at fighting and reducing wrinkles and lines that are already there. Now, I don’t have any wrinkles, but I have a some lines under my eyes that are annoying me and my daily attempt to apply smooth and flawless undereye concealer.

Although I want to try¬† both products, I think I’m going to buy the eye cream first, because my eyes are in dire need of a little TLC. Fingers crossed!

Stay Stylish!

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