Sep 272012
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I’m not going to lie to you, because I love ya’ll, but Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots have begun to irk me. Once, I thought they were fab, but then they were everywhere and on everyone and in every shade and every print and every knockoff followed suit. Dead.

Actually, a lot of Jeffrey Campbell recent shoes are “too extra” in terms of the tall platforms and funky heels and different design elements such as spikes, fur, and bright colors. So, I haven’t really been checking for Jeffrey Campbell much and have instead opted to sit back and watch the parade.

However, I still can’t lie, I’m loving and lusting for his new flats, the Margo spiked flats. Pretty amazing. A simple flat with a spiked toe and I do mean spiked. I feel for the person that pisses someone off while wearing these and that person opts to kick them instead of punching. Shin splits…for real!

Anyway, the story behind them is pretty great. The shoe was designed and named after a ballerina, Margo Gignac, who was left quadriplegic after a car wreck involving a drunken driver and 100% of the profits are going to the HelpHOPLive organization to help support Margo.

A great story, cause, and fabulous shoe to boot. Can’t get no better than that! The shoe is available in red, black, pink, and tan, which the latter two havin the silver spikes instead of gold like the other two and are available at

To hear more about Margo Gignac’s amazing story, visit here and here.

Stay Stylish!

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