Hey 2018! Things I Want to Work On In 2018

Hey 2018! As usual, I’m stoked to see another year, especially after 2017. Personally, 2017 was okay, but it was horrible on the global scale. From having a record-breaking number of natural disasters and political uproar, 2017 was trash. However, the eternal optimist that I am, I know things will get better. For 2018, I have three things that I want to work on in 2018.

Things I'm Working on in 2018

Keep reading to read what things I want to work in this year that will help me have a boss year.

3 Things I Want to Work On In 2018: Improve Confidence

As a child, I was ridiculously shy, even around family. I carried this characteristic with me all the way up until about 2 years ago. Yes, I even entered my 30s being shy and I was over it. I can’t really put my finger on when my veil of shyness started to shift and leave. However, over the past couple of years, I’ve been making concerted efforts to be more open to life. This includes starting random conversation with strangers waiting in the same line as me. I’ve even started to wear more prints and share actual pictures of me. I’m evolving and I’m loving the path that I’m on.

3 Things I Want to Work On In 2018: Live More Passionately

In life, I love when I love things, but not that many things. Let me clarify that statement. Since I’ve started in minimalism, it has causes me to evaluate my things. During this process, I’ve learned to how to love inanimate objects and why. To keep something in my life, I have to love it with a purpose and passion. When I think about the word “passionately”, it makes me think loving wholeheartedly and unapologetic. That’s how I plan to treat my life, because I’m blessed to say that I have a great life filled with an awesome support system and resources. Now, I just need to live like I do. Shouldn’t be too hard. *fingers crossed*

I also have to admit that over the past couple of years, I’ve been more experimental with life. In the spirit of enjoying life, I was open to trying and dabbling in different crafts. However, it’s a little difficult to live more passionately if you’re trying to do 30 things at one time. I recently took a quiz to see what goddess I am based off of my numerology life path number, which is 9. My results where the goddess Durga, who contains all things, and spans all times. In my results also mentioned the following.

There is hardly anything you can’t do, or at least have a good go at, but as you journey through life, your own multi-faceted nature could be a hindrance to your success, as it is so hard for you to stick to any one thing.

I read this as a notion that I should peel back on trying so many things and focus only on things that I have a passion to do. I agree. FYI, you can take the quiz for yourself here.

3 Things I Want to Work On In 2018: Speak Up

Back to my lifelong characteristic of being shy. Being shy for the majority of my life also made me very apprehensive about speaking up. Unfortunately, I know that has caused me to not be as far in life as I would like. This really hit me in the face a couple of weeks ago when my dream work title was offered to a new employee in my company. The killing part is that the job is the job that I was initially hired to do almost 7 years ago, but my responsibilities evaporated and reformed into a completely different position. However, what really slapped me in the face is that the person brought in doesn’t really have the background for the title, in my opinion.

After licking my wounds and taking a shot of Henny, I recognized that it was my fault. I never spoke up about trying to get back into what I initially signed up for and wanted to do. Therefore, I’m preparing to speak some things into existence in 2018 and actually do the work to get it done. Pretty much, no more excuses, because I’m going to watch someone else do the job that I want to do. Tuh!

What are some things you’re planning to work on in 2018? Share below!

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