Workspaces for Creatives


The life of a creative is never cut and dry or simple. A creative’s mind is always churning and pulling ideas from everywhere. Therefore, they need an office and workspace that is not only functional, but influential via design, art, and dedicated space to….create.

Here are some example of amazing examples of workspaces for creatives.



White walls are said to be the best paint options for any creative space. So, this bright, white office area is very ideal. Artist, Kelli Hall’s optic white and minimal desk area is perfect channeling creative ideas.

irene_iv_office_space_1 irene_iv_office_space_2

If bright white is just, too bright, you can always go for a soft shade like this one, which is played up with sturdy white furniture and pops up color via accessories, accent pieces, and mood board.


However, some people thrive on constant inspiration at every turn within their creative space. Inspiration can be found in books on your desk that you’ve read, pictures from magazines that you ripped out, pictures from your last vacation, or even things you’ve already created and intensely proud that came from inside your brain and with your hands.

That’s the great thing about creativity, it can be pulled from any and every where and any and every body.

Here are some necessities that I think workspaces for creatives should have to keep the creative energy churning and flowing:

  • Inspiration Board/Wall – A space, even a small area on your wall, dedicated to harboring pictures and words that influence and motivate you to come up with new and fresh ideas is a must.
  • Natural Light – Light is awesome and natural light is even better, because sun is good for giving you energy to keep moving.
  • Paper and Pen – I love typing and texting, but nothing beats jotting down an instant idea on a piece of paper.
  • Calendar – I’m not good at planning and scheduling posts(I’m getting better, though), but a calendar not helps me do that, but also shows me upcoming holidays and plans that can help me come up when an idea to write about for said event/holiday.

Are there any requirements you need in your workspace to help keep your motivated and inspired to create? If so, share them below.

Stay Stylish!

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