Worst Beauty Products I’ve Tried Recently

I’m a product girl. I love trying and experimenting with different products from different brands. Doing this has helped me find brands and products I couldn’t imagine not using. However, this process has also led me to products some of the worst beauty products I’ve ever tried. Don’t get me wrong, these products are necessarily horrible, but the didn’t work for me.

worst beauty products I recently tried

Interested in in why I would never use these products again, then keep reading.

Before I realized that I was wasting money on foundations and should just use the ones I already love, I stumbled on this Ready, Set, Gorgeous foundation by Covergirl. This was probably one of the worst foundations I’ve ever used.  It gave my face a white cast and oxidized into a thick, orange mess. I will say that it was easy to apply and blend. However, you have to set it like crazy or it will turn your face into a shiny visage. Fortunately, it didn’t cost much.

If you recall, I mentioned this L’oreal Revitalift in my summer skincare routine. Well, I’m no longer using this moisturizer, because it seriously broke me out. I had little white bumps and a few cystic pimples. Unfortunately, this is the first time that a L’Oreal skincare product broke me out. There is just something in their skincare products that causes my skin to break out. Thankfully, my skin loves their makeup products, which I’m never giving up.

When it comes to a good gel liner, this Maybelline did not work for me. It applies smoothly and the color payoff was good. However, during the course of a typical work day, the liner would dry out and flake off. The flakes would fall on my lashes and make my mascara lacquered lashes look clumpy. That’s never the goal. Another thing, is that the pot of liner dries out pretty quickly, too. I’ll just stick to my L’oreal liquid liner, because I’m never giving it up.

The final product is a heartbreaker to include in this list, because it’s from one of my favorite brands. However, It Cosmetics Brow Power pencil was afail for me. First of all, it’s only available in one color, which is designed to work on all brows. If your brows are light, you just gently use it to shape and fill your brows. If your brows are darker, then you have to apply a little pressure to get it to apply darker. It works, but it took a lot of pressure to get my shade. Having to push a pencil on my brows everyday would be come a pain; literally and figuratively.

Worst Beauty Products I’ve Used Recently Conclusion

I used to love buying and trying new and different makeup products when I was younger. Now, I try to cut back on it by using products that I know I already love and work for me. I still enjoy it, but wasting so much money on it. However, I’m still a work in progress.

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