Currently, I’m in the phase in my life of wanting to spend less money and only live the simplest of necessities. It’s enlightening to find ways and things to help me work toward this lifestyle desire. There’s a new website that will help me work today this change; Brandless.


Brandless is a new website that carries a selection of everyday products. including food and home goods for $3. Yep, just $3. Intrigued? Well, keep reading to find out more about this Brandless brand.

Brandless is very new (launched July 11, 2017) website with the concept of providing goods for cost value. They remove the hidden costs that national brands add to their products, which is why they are able to price everything at $3. The selection of products isn’t that vast, because the site is still new. However, this could be the beginning of something beautiful to our wallets. Here are some products they currently offer that peaked my interest.


Brandless offers more options in their food category than the other categories. The food category is entirely non GMO and mostly organic. All of the food is made without any artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. Nice. They offer granola, coffee, teas, and some tasty sounding snacks. Brandless also offers gluten-free baking needs, organic condiments, and sauces. Personally, I need to try the crushed pepper, and truffle oil popcorn. Anything with truffle oils gets an automatic gold star, in my book, because it’s amazing.

I can’t wait to see the Beauty and Personal Care categories expand. Currently, they only offer a few products for each category, which includes organic cotton ball and peppermint oral care products. I want to try the Citrus Bergamot hand cream, because it’s natural and citrus bergamot are 2 of my favorite scents together.

Brandless kitchen tools

In the Home and Office category, they offer dinnerware and writing journals. This category is filled with plenty of kitchen tools and gadgets that should be staples in all kitchens. Also, you can buy all of the items in one bulk order. This would make a great gift housewarming gift for anyone recently moving out on their own.

Hopefully, Brandless will expand quickly and offer more sustainable and affordable products.

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