A Day In The Life: A Typical Workday For Me

In case you aren’t aware, I’m not a full-time blogger. I make my money being a content developer for a medical software company; M-F 8-5. I used to think that I wanted to be a full-time blogger, but not anymore. First of all, your girl loves stability, which includes receiving a very generous paycheck twice a month post taxes and insurance deductions. However, I do love blogging more now that realized that I prefer to do this as a hobby. Therefore, my day in the life usually feature the same activities everyday, with some tweaks here and there.


Out of pure boredom and my end and maybe natural nosiness on yours, I’m sharing what I typically do on most workdays. Keep reading to read about a recent and very typical workday I had.

A Day In The Life: 5am

I feel very fortunate to be one of those people that wake up naturally most morning. For me, I’m usually up and at it around 5am. However, some nights I’m up a little longer than usual, such as when it’s the NBA playoffs. Therefore, as a backup, I have an weekday alarm set for 5:30 am. I hate being woken up by an alarm, but they are helpful.

When I first wake, I usually head straight to the bathroom to do the morning relieving, wash my hands, and use a warm washcloth to wipe my face. Afterwards, I let my dog outside as I pour me a up of water and/or start coffee. Since it’s been warm, I haven’t been doing the latter, because iced coffee just seems more appropriate. After I let the dogs, depending on if I have to pick my sister up from work, I make me some breakfast and prep lunch. On this particular day, it’s Monday, so I opted for meatless meal options.

After breakfast, me and my iced coffee go to my bedroom to get ready for work, which includes putting on makeup and a work appropriate outfit. I’m very appreciate to work in a casual office environment, because after a long weekend, leggings and billowy blouse were perfect.

A Day In The Life: 7:30am

I have to be at work by 8am and I leave about 15 minutes away from work. Personally, I prefer to get to work 15 minutes early, because it gives me time to ease into my day. Plus, the office is usually pretty empty and quiet. I enjoy the calm before the storm of co-workers and their chatter.

A Day In The Life: 8am

The thing I do is look over my to-do list that write out at the end of the previous workday. I highlight 1-2 things that are high priority to finish for the day and then I proceed to check my emails. This is another task I like to do to help me ease into the workday. It’s all about the gentle lure.

A Day In The Life: 10am

Every Monday, I have a department meeting with my manager, which involves up stating what we’re working on for the week. For the most part, these meetings usually last no more than 30 minutes. However, on this day, we had a few projects pop up that manager needed to delegate who works on what. So, my previous to-do list got pushed to the side until I finished this project.

A Day In The Life: 12:30pm

I tend to take my lunch breaks at my desk. However, after working on this project, I needed some fresh air. So, I left the office and went next door to Whole Foods and hit up the hot bar for some roasted chicken and cauliflower “mac n cheese”, which is so good. However, by doing so, I pretty much threw meatless Monday out the window.

A Day In The Life: 4pm

I’m scheduled to leave work everyday at 5pm. So, I prefer to spend my last hour or so wrapping up loose ends on whatever I’m working on. Then I wind down the day checking my email and responding, if needed.

A Day In The Life: 4:45pm

Yes, I’m supposed to leave at 5, but I’m very appreciative that my manager doesn’t mind if I leave 15-30 minutes early. Mainly, this is due to knowing that I tend to get to work 15-30 minutes early and tend to work through lunch. So, she doesn’t sweat my technique.

I usually get home around 5:10, where I then proceed to get into some comfy clothes and relax for a bit. 3-4 days a week, I take my sister to work. So, we leave around 5:50pm and I usually drop her off around 6:15pm. After dropping her off, I tend to go straight back home. However, on this day, I made a stop at Kroger for a last minute dinner item. Since I failed at meatless Monday, I decided to make me a turkey taco bowl for dinner. I had all the fixings at home except ground turkey and lettuce, which are the 2 main ingredients.

A Day In The Life: 7pm

When I get home and know I’m in for the night, I use a micellar foaming face wash to make my skin feel and look clean. However, I only wash my face and save the nightly skincare for later. After throwing my dinner together in less than 30 minutes, I flop on the sofa to eat and scroll social media while watching TV. Sounds dangerous, but it’s one of my favorite ways to relax after a long day.

A Day In The Life: 9pm

For me, heading to bed at 9pm is essential to getting a full night’s rest. So, at 9, I turn the TV off, go to the bathroom to do my nightly skincare routine, and head to my bed. Once in bed, I do about 30 minutes of reading from whatever book I’m reading at the moment. I’m currently trying to finish the tiny beautiful things by Cheryl Strayed and it’s been an easy and deep tissue massage read. After reading, I turn on one of my favorite podcasts for white noise and then drift off to sleep to start the cycle over in 8 hours.

What’s your favorite thing you do in your daily routine of life? Share below.

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