Being Productive Working From Home

When it comes to your job, every job has pros and cons. You might hate those mandatory Monday meetings, but love free lunch on Fridays. I have a couple of things I hate about my job, but there are way more things I love about it. The main thing I love is the flexibility, which includes being able to work from home when needed. Actually, it’s my favorite thing about my job, but it can be a challenge being productive working from home.

Being Productive Working From Home | STAINED COUTURE

If you from home and find it hard to be productive, here are some tips to help you stay focused and effective from the comfort of home.

Don’t Work From Bed

Sometimes when people visualize “working from home”, they picture you sitting up in your bed and typing away on your laptop. Although I’ve been known to do this myself, it’s not very productive. Working from the comforts of your still warm and cozy bed might make it little too easy to slide back under your comforter for a unnecessary nap. Therefore, get out of bed and into a chair and table set up.

Get Dressed

One of my favorite reasons to work from home is being able to work in leggings and old t-shirt. However, you feel more productive and in work mode when you’re actually dressed to work. I mean you can dress a little more casual than you would in the office, but still show some effort. Also, do your regular work routine, which may include doing your make-up and making coffee. These simple steps will make you feel like you’re actually working. Trust me!

Turn Off The TV

Okay, I’m starting to feel a little hypocritical, because I occasionally stream TV shows, movies, and Youtube videos while at the office. However, I try to avoid watching anything when I work from home. It’s easier to stop working and watch TV when you’re at home than when you’re at work. So, if you just need some background noise, opt for low volume music, listen to a podcast, or even a audio book. Doing that will help you stay focused on your work without distracting you to shift your eyes to the TV.

Take Breaks

If you take breaks when you’re working from the office, then you should also take them when working at home. If possible, go out for lunch, if not eat lunch in another room or even outside; weather permitting.

Stick to Schedule

If you work from 8-5 when in the office, then work from 8-5 at home. Make a daily to-do list, in office and when working from home, to help you stay on task and track.

If you work from home, how do you stay being productive working from home? Share below.

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