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Last year when I decide to hop on the copper hair train, I only had 2 concerns. Of course, the first concern was not overprocess my hair and protect my natural curls. Thankfully, I have a hair stylist that cares about my curls as much as me. The second concern was making sure my brows didn’t clash with my hair. Therefore, I was on a mission to find the best brow products for copper hair.

Brow Product for Copper Hair | STAINED COUTURE

Since my brows are naturally dark, so are my brows. Although the dark brows and lighter hair looks good on some people, I’m not one of them. So, I try to make my sure my brow have some warm, red hue to them. Luckily, I’ve found some products that have helped me achieve this and keep reading to get the details.

Before we get to the products, let’s address the obvious and easiest solution to this issue – dying my brows. Well, I did and do that, but my brows grow pretty quickly and I have to trim them every week. Also, since my brows are dark, I would have to get them bleach just to make them lighter. So, I still needed a brow product to add some color.

Brow Products for Copper Hair: What I Use

My go-to brow product for the past few years has been Benefit’s Precisely My Brow pencil. I’ve used it in various colors and the color I’ve been using recently is the the shade 2.75, which is warm auburn. Since this shade is a warm auburn, it gives the right amount of the red but not too bright with my naturally dark brows.

The next product I’ve been using is the NYX Thickening Brow gel in Rich Auburn, which is perfect for those lazy makeup days. Not only does this product provide good payoff, but it also helps yoru brows look naturally thicker. I’ve been loving this product a lot lately.

The final product isn’t a brow product, but I’ve been using it to fill in my sparse areas. This is Clairol Root Touch Up for red hair that I picked up at local discount store a couple of years ago. I initially bought it to touch up my roots, which it perfectly does. One day, I decided to use it to add some red to my brows and it worked. Unfortunately, I’m starting to think that this color is discontiued, because I could only find it on Amazon for $20. Insane. Personally, I plan to hoard mine for as long as possible.

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