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On the edge

When it starts to get hot and humid, one the first things that disappears is the smoothness in my edges and that’s exactly what they started to do a couple of weeks ago. So, that lead me to purchase 3 hair products for smoothing edges/hairline. I didn’t buy them all on the same day, but I needed to try something.

So, here are three items that I recently bought to help keep my edges slick, shiny, and resistant towards sweat. Keep reading for more and pictures.

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Organizing: My Hair Tackle Box

Last night, I was prepared to pin curl my hair, but in order to do that I had to dig through the the little white plastic basket that I jam with my random hair accessories. At that moment, I was over the little corner of disorganization on my hair shelf and felt like no time was better than to snap that in the bud. Keep reading to see photos of my organization process to tackle this mess.

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Spring Fling with Tasha Accessories

I prefer freezing than sweating and I thing my curvy body looks better in warm fitted clothes. So, I like the winter and I love when it snows. However, today in Memphis and most of the midwest and south east, we are experiencing a “nice” winter weather storm filled with freezing rain, sleet, and snow. It was nice to be able to stay home and not have to go to work and instead lounge around in sweats, but I’m almost over the winter and can’t wait for spring.

Since I’m trying to a put a rush order on spring, I found myself browsing around online looking for remenants of spring that would help me ignore the freezing mess that I hear hitting my window as I type. Tasha floral hair accessories definitely did that for me. Read more to see more!

Tasha Flower Hair Clips

I’m loving the look of the floral clips, but the 2 reviews on Nordstrom’s website were not that encouraging, but they are still very pretty. Even the two reviews admitted that!

Tasha Floral Heandbands

However, the floral headband is calling my name, especially the yellow one. It looks so full and just down right uber pretty. I want it. Actually, I think I kind of need it! Okay, I’m gonna buy it! This post did it for me! How about you? Do this make you wish it was spring already?

Stay Stylish!

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