Current App-dictions: Covet


The thing about apps, app games in particular, is that once you get addicted its hard to believe that you will ever stop not playing. Case in point, Candy Crush. Seriously, I thought that I was going to die playing this game.  All my free time (and some non-free time) was spent playing Candy Crush and I didn’t just spend, but also some real, American money. I still play CC every now and then, but just not everyday and all day…like I used to do.

Since I’ve broken free from the CC world, other games have gotten my attention such as Flappy Bird and most recently Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. The thing about the 2 latter games is that they caught my attention, because everybody was talking about them and playing them. However, eventually, the hype of Flappy Bird died out within a month and after  I reached an A-Lister within a week on Kim K. West’s Hollwood, it became super boring.

All of a sudden, I heard about and started playing this softly addicting games called Covet. Here are the basics. You begin by shopping and building your wardrobe and then enter fashion challenges or “events” to join where you style your own looks to win prizes and earn more virtual money to shop with!

This game has helped me curb my appetite for spending money on more clothes for me and instead, when I get the urge to shop, I just open up this app and starting spending…virtual money.

Do you or anyone you know play Covet Fashion? If so, let me know, because I do need more friends so borrow clothes from the closet. Oh, yes, you can borrow from friends closets! Awesome.

In case you are interested, the game is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Stay Stylish!

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