EMPTIES: August 2021

EMPTIES: August 2021


Wait. Is this me actually posting my empties from the previous month before the end of the month? Wow. This feels exciting and weird, but here we are. So, in case you missed it, I didn’t post an EMPTIES: Jul2 2021 post, because I didn’t use up any products in July. Actual, I barely used up any products in August.

However, I did empty up a few products that I believe are worthy of sharing and giving a final review. So, keep reading to see if there were any winners in this batch of empties from August.

The first product is the Design Essentials Natural Almond and Avocado Co-Wash. Since I have been wearing my natural curls more, this co-wash has been clutch. Like the name suggests, this co-wash is very nourishing and leaves my natural curls feeling super soft and manageable. This is the second or third product that I’ve tried from the Almond and Avocado line from Design Essentials Natural and all have been so good! I will buy this again and try other products from this  line.

The heat this summer really made me appreciate the importance of having a setting spray in your makeup routine. A few months ago, after reading some reviews, I picked up this Morphe Continuous Setting Spray. I loved that it is a mist setting spray, which helps you apply evenly. Although I did enjoy this setting spray for the most part, I did realize that it didn’t work well with all my makeup. Since it was a hydrating, it didn’t work to well with oil-based foundations. However, it was great for light makeup or matte makeup. So, I would buy this again, but probably in a small size.

Finally, I said goodbye to the Weleda one-step cleanser and toner. This product was a true blessing this summer on those lazy morning after doing multi-step nighttime routine or precleanse before a morning walk. A really great gem I found while aimlessly walking in the Whole Foods beauty section. I will totally pick this up on my next WF run.

What has been your favorite product of your recent empties? Share below!

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