EMPTIES: March 2022

EMPTIES: March 2022


Last month, I used a few products and they are all worth sharing. So, keep reading to find out my final take on the latest edition of EMPTIES for March 2022.

The first product up was the MILK Hydro Grip setting and refresh spray. I opted to try the smaller bottle, because wanted to see if it was as good as TikTok said. In the end, it is a pretty good product that you can use a primer and/or setting spray. However, I realized just how good it was after I used it up and had to use another setting spray. So, yes, I will be buying this again and in the bigger size. This is going to be great for the summer.

Next up was oVertone coloring conditioner in Ginger. I’ve tried color conditioners before and they are pretty useful. Not only do they help condition your hair, but also help revive your color. Since I have been getting my hair dyed red, I opted to get the ginger shade. My dream hair color the past few years is ginger, but it’s hard to get unless you bleach your hair. My stylist cares too much about the integrity of my curl pattern. So, she won’t bleach it, but this color condition would temporarily add a cooper look to my red. It’s best to use every week, but I didn’t. So, I will be buying this again and using it every week to see how much of a difference it makes.

Last month, I finally used up another tube of Salonpas roll-on pain relief. I love Salonpas products, especially this roll on version. I’ve been using this line for years and it’s my go to topical pain relief and I recommend them to everyone I know. This is a staple brand and product in my life.

Next up is another staple brand and product in my life – CeraVe SA facial cleanser. This a cleanser that everyone should keep in their arsenal of facial cleansers. It’s great to use when you have the occasional breakout or congestion, because it gently exfoliates with salicylic acid. Love this and I need to buy another bottle this weekend.

Finally, I used all of my Mighty acne patches. Acne patches have been a game changer for acne and Mighty Patches are my current favorite. This was one of their duo packs or acne patches that include both transparent ones for daytime and the regular time for night. The clear ones are definitely unnoticeable – with and without make-up. Plus, both feel so light that I forgot they were on. Finally, they did the job and would bring the pimple to the surface and it would be gone in less than a day. So, you guess, I’m buying them again.

Have your tried any of the products from this edition of my EMPTIES list? Share below.

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