EMPTIES: May 2024

EMPTIES: May 2024


Last month was the first month that I used up a lot of products in awhile. So, keep reading to see a run down of all the products I used up last month.

EMPTIES: May 2024 – Skin & Hair

The first product is Nivea Skin Firming lotion, which I bought with the intent to help with my loose skin. I’ve lost a significant amount of weight over the last year, which comes with loose skin. This lotion states that it would help to firm my skin, but I really didn’t see a difference. Honestly, I think just using heavy creams with vitamin E oil will give the same results. I still love Nivea lotions, but I don’t think I’ll buy this one again.

I’ve been on a mission to help repair and reconstruct my hair. Therefore, the Kristin Ess Reconstructive Moisture Mask spoke to me. Plus, my stylist recommended I get a hair mask to add moisture to my color-treated hair. I loved this mask, because it has great slip to detangle my curls. Also, my hair feels moisturized and softer after using – I’m definitely buying this again. This may become my go-to hair mask.

When I saw that Morphe had released another version of their Continuous Setting spray, I knew had to try it. The Morphe Continuous Prep & Setting Spray is a “juiced” up version of the original spray. This new version includes ceramides and antioxidants, which helps prep and protect your before and after makeup. I don’t think I tried to use it before applying my makeup, but I still loved it. I’m definitely going to buy it again to use before applying my makeup to see if I notice any difference.

Slowly, but surely my hair stylist has been trying to turn me into an Amika girl. I’d been using a couple of their shampoo and conditioner duo, but I recently started using some of their styling products. I have to admit that my hair loved the Amika Curl Corps defining cream, which surprised me. My thick curly usually works better with more lightweight creams, but this thick cream moisturized and defined my curls. I will definitely get this again!

A few months ago, I realized my sleep routine was out of wack. I would either have a hard time falling asleep and/or staying asleep. So, I decided to try the sleepy girl mocktail that was popular on social media. The star of the mocktail is Magnesi-Om by Moon Juice which is a powder supplement of magnesium which also features L-Theanine. These 2 ingredients are known to help relax you on their own, but together they have a knock out effect. To make a mocktail with this powder, I would combine with it tart cherry juice and a probiotic soda for fizz. I definitely will buy this again in the future, because it did work.

EMPTIES: May 2024 – Lips & Scents

EMPTIES: May 2024 - Lips

I’ve been down real bad for glossy lips, especially a cherry, glossy lip. One of my favorite glosses is this Physician’s Formula lip plumper gloss, because it has the perfect sheer pink for all complexions. Although I have naturally full lips, lip plumping gloss make them look full and smooth. I feel like everyone knows about Too Face Lip Injection as the go-to lip plumper, which I agree is good. However, I always go with the maximum version, because I can take the heat. Both glosses work fabulous over the NYX Fat Oil Lip Gloss. However, I think this more of a lip oil instead of  gloss, but I love it solo or under gloss.

I don’t know about you, but I think everyone should have a signature scent. For me, my signature scent is Romance by Ralph Lauren, because it’s the perfect scent that can be worn all year. The notes are both clean and floral notes. This also makes it great layering scent, because I’ve paired it with fruity and unisex scents. Plus, this was also my mom’s favorite scent. I always keep a travel size in my purse. I used it up my travel size last month, but it will be replaced.

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