EMPTIES: September 2021

EMPTIES: September 2021


September was a chaotic month for me! Aside from turning 40, there were so many other birthday and celebrations to maneuver around. The only thing that seemed normal were the products I used up. All were products that I’ve used up before and loved. There were a couple that I loved so much that I bought the replacement before I used them up.

Keep reading get a revised review of the regulars in this month’s empties. Also, see which products I’ve already replaced and added back into my rotation.

Sometimes I think about what I will do if Laniege ever discontinues their Cream Skin Toner and Moisturizer. I’m not sure what I will do, but I feel like it will take a while for me to find a toner that hydrates and moisturizes my skin the way that this toner does. I will die on the hill that everyone needs a hydrating toner – no matter your skin type. Every since I introduced hydrating toners to my combo/oily skin, it has been flourishing. Of course, there’s the occasional flare up now that mask-ne is back in my life. However, my skin is still soft and supple with those little breakouts. Yep, I already bought another bottle. 🙂

Adding a toner that’s hydrating was the second best decision I ever did for my skin. The best was realizing that I need to wear sunscreen every single day – rain or shine. Since I am a firm believer and supporter of sunscreen, I’ve tried and loved some of the best sunscreens ever. However, I’ve probably tried more Neutrogena sunscreens than any other brand and loved most of them. This one is the SPF 70 version of their dry touch line. I did like it, but it did have some slight white cast. So, I would buy this again, but it wouldn’t be my first or second choice for drugstore sunscreens.

The other product from this list that I’ve already rebought is The Ordinary Niacinamide serum. If you have oily and/or acne-prone skin, you need niacinamide serum in your routine. The great thing about this serum is that it also has zinc, which helps combat congestion with the niacinamide. I’m so glad that you can now buy The Ordinary product in most Ulta and Sephora.

Finally, I used up this CeraVe moisturizing cream and will buy this again! Actually, I’m going to buy a bigger one next time, because winter is coming and so will dry skin. However, I used this cream mostly at night to help add some moisture to my skin on nights when I exfoliated my skin or used multiple actives. When you use products that contain actives or exfoliate your skin, you need to apply a product to repair, restore, and protect your skin barrier.

Have you tried any products from this Empties post? If so, share below!

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