eSTYLIST: Thanksgiving 2022

I can’t believe that I haven’t done an eStylist post in so long. Of course, like most people since the pandemic started, my concept of time is on the fritz. However, let me see if the old mind can come up with a new styling idea.

eSTYLIST: Thanksgiving 2022 | STAINED COUTURE

American holidays have started to pique my interest the older I get. The main reason is because they are socially acceptable days that you can eat like a hungry hog and no one bats an eye. Thanksgiving is the top holiday when not only is this acceptable, but encouraged. I will admit that I enjoy Thanksgiving more as an adult than a child. Not just because I can cook and eat what I want, but I can leave early, too. The power of having a license and a car is top tier.

My brother and SIL were initially going to host a small dinner for our side of the family. However, at the last minute they decided that we all should meet at her aunt’s house for the big family dinner. Unfortunately, my sister’s fiance’ had serious medical condition late last week that has caused him to be in the hospital for the past few days. So, my sister and I ae going to cook at her house, which I’m glad about. The less people, the better in my book.

Although I’m probably going to just wear a pair of my many black leggings and oversize tee, here’s a little inspiration for ya’ll. You know, in case you are trying to make an impression by the dessert table this year.

eSTYLIST: Thanksgiving 2022

Have a Happy Thanksgiving 2022!

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