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I try not to let people indulge too much into my shopping habits, because I don’t want to show my true shopping colors and addiction. However, now that I am trying to cut back, I think that admitting when I buy things will help stop me from spending so much. Read more to understand what I mean!

Recently, I have been watching what I eat. Not to just loose weight, but to eat more healthier.  Someone told me that a great way to do so is to write down everything I eat AND drink. Since, I’ve been doing that and refraining from eating a lot of junk and eating a lot more veggies and fruits, which has been slowly paying off in my personal health department.

Well, I’ve decided to embrace that same form of therapy and maintence to my shopping habit. So, everytime I buy something I’m going to start writing it down here at Stained Couture… well try to.

Exhibit A: Tarina Tarantino Jewelry from

I only have a couple pieces of Tarina Tarantino jewelry and I wanted a just a couple of more pieces. So, I bought 2 pair of studded earrings, and a stretch skull earrings. However, one pair of the earrings I will be giving away in a future post. So, look out for that. The earrings were $22 each and the ring was $20, So, not so bad!

If you want to sign up to shop future Gilt, Gilt Fuse, Guilt Men, and Jetsetter sales, then you my invite to sign up!

Stay Stylish!

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