LINK-END ROUND-UP: March 4, 2016


It’s Friday, which means Link-End Round time!

I hope everyone had an awesome week. Mine was pretty calm compared to last week…thankfully. Although the weather was all over the place this week, the forecast for this weekend looks amazing! I plan to partake in some solo cruising around my city again and maybe even try to take my dogs to the dog park. They haven’t been in a long time.

Spring is only a couple of weeks away and this nice weather is just getting me more amped, including getting my ideal spring wardrobe together. I’ve already bought plenty of shoes and have every necessary spring shoes for the season. Now, I need to starting buying spring-worthy clothes!

First thing I need to find and buy is a new pair of boyfriend jeans that aren’t too shapeless or too snug. As I’ve gotten older and my body shape fluctuates (not in the good way), shopping for jeans has become one of my least favorite things to shop and buy.

I miss the days of shopping in the mall for hours and buying jeans just based off the color and style. Now a days, there are just too many other elements to take in to consideration. It’s a hassle and hopefully I will be able to scratch that hassle off my list this weekend. *le sigh*

I might share my jean buying burden story on Instagram or Twitter. So follow me over there and coddle me through the struggle.

Have an awesome weekend and enjoy this week’s Link-End Round-Up.

Link-End Round-Up: March 4, 2016

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