lust-have list July 2024

I’m just now realizing that I didn’t post my July 2024 Lust-Have List! I’ve been a Bad blogger, but late is better than never. I would love to say the reason for the delay because I was too busy trying to have a hot-girl summer. Unfortunately, I’m trying not to have a Bad Breakdown Summer, which is a work in progress.

I thought I was going to be trying to take a bunch of mini vacations and road trips. Instead of of a bunch of trips, I will be looking through a bunch of potential hires. So, my vacations have been pushed back to Fall. However, I’m not complaining – just as long as they happen.

Although my summer isn’t going as planned, that doesn’t mean I’m still not trying to catch some vibes and looks.


  • Mini Drift Tote – I’ve been lusting after this the big version of this tote for awhile. However, when I saw they introduced a mini version and in cherry red, this has been all I want. Plus, ya’ll know I love a cute mini bag.
  • Linen Short Set – After decades of being insecure about my legs, I’ve been trying live in nothing but shorts this summer. Loving this linen short set pieces from Old Navy -pieces are sold separately. However, they are affordable and versatile.
  • Milky Skin Toner – My go-to type of toner has been hydrating toners over the last fewer years. Thankfully, more brands are starting to release their own versions, including The Ordinary. I’m excited to try this one next, because I love The Ordinary skincare products.
  • Chunky Two-Part Sandals – I rarely want a pair of chunky sole sandals, because I don’t trust my ankles all the time. However, this pair I spotted at ASOS aren’t too intimidating.
  • Lychee Rose Eau de Parfum – I got a whiff of this recently and it’s been bookmarked in my brain under “Fruity, soft floral” notes. I think this would make a great scent to transition from summer to fall.

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