Practicing Self-Care At Work

I have to admit that I’m starting to have a love/hate relationship with self-care. I despise that the word itself is on everyone’s tongue and plastered in every glass magazine or website. However, I can’t enough of practicing self-care whenever I get a chance, because they feel so good. Unfortunately, the time when I feel like I need self-care the most is when I’m woke drowning in emails and unnecessary meetings. I eventually started finding ways to help me evoke the power of self-care from the comforts of mesh back office chair.

Practicing Self-care at Work | STAINED COUTURE

If you’re interested in a few ways to hep you practice self-care when you’re at work, please keep reading to see what I do.

Practicing Self-Care At Work: Scheduling is Soothing

Some people frown at having a tight schedule, but it’s not for everyone. Personally, I like writing down everything I need to do, because it helps keep me on track. Also, it helps prevent again important from sliding through the cracks, which could become a stressful situation.

Practicing Self-Care At Work: Relaxing Sounds

Having a go-to playlist is so clutch, but it doesn’t have to be limited to music. Although I do have a few playlist on my Tidal account that are sorted by mood, I mostly listen to podcasts at work. My go-to podcasts are funny commentary on pop culture such as The Read and The Bodega Boys. I also have a Youtube playlist that mostly consists of vlogs, skincare information, and home decor. All of these playlists are different, but they provide enjoyable background noise while I work.

Practicing Self-Care At Work: Enjoyable Workspace

It took me years to realize the benefits of decorating my desk space. I was at my current job for 5 years, before I added just the smallest element of my personality. Although it’s mainly my nephew’s baby picture, a plant, and some knick knacks that no longer fit in my home; they still add some personality to my cubicle.

Practicing Self-Care At Work: Water on Deck

Coffee is so addicting, but not always for the flavor. Most time we consume cups and cups of coffee in day, because we think it’s giving us energy. Yes, coffee has caffeine, which is known to give you energy. However, coffee can give you a burst of energy, but it doesn’t last long. Drinking water all day, on the other, can keep you energized, hydrated, and alert. Plus, it will ensure you get enough water throughout the day so you can flourish; inside and out.

Practicing Self-Care At Work: Don’t Stay Stagnant

As someone who sits in front of a computer everyday for hours at a time, I know how quickly time can fly by. Next thing you know, you realize that you’ve been sitting down for 5 hours straight, which is not good. So, I try to get up every hour or so to go to the bathroom or refresh my cup of water. I’m usually up for only a few minutes, but it’s enough time to make my bones and muscles move some.

What’s your favorite self-care action that you do at work?

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