Summer-zing My Place

It’s the first day summer and I spent practically my entire weekend indoors to spruce up my place for summer, but mainly to avoid the heat index of 105! I cleaned and applied fragrant items throughout my apartment. So, here are a few pics I snapped that shows some of the things that I love in the summer. Keep reading to see the pics.

In the summer, I practically put lemon and lime in and on EVERYTHING! I love them!
I love Sunflowers in the summer. They are one of the things I love about summer!
The BF bought me this bouqet of flowers, because he knows I love flowers!
My cat, Sebastian, loved them, too!
Oh, he just wanted to chew on the leaves. Bad, Sebass!
My mom bought me these plastic tumblers from walmart last month and broke them out this weekend. I love them!
They're from the Better Homes and Garden collection at wal-mart.

This weekend, I want to look for some new pictures for this long and currently bare wall that my living room and dining room share. Something cohesive. I have and idea of what I want, I just hope I find it.

Do you change things up around your place to make it look more summery? If so, what do you do, because I’m always looking for ideas?

Stay Stylish!

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