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Kell on Earth preview clips!

It’s been more than a minute since I have been amped about the premiere of a new show. Maybe, it’s because I have already seen Kelly Cutrone in full PR-piranha mode as she bites her way through the murky waters of the fashion business. Of course, Kelly Cutrone is know by many viewers already thanks to appearances on The Hills and The City. Somehow, Ms. Cutrone is able to give of fear and compassion to her employees.

The first season of Cutrone’s new show, Kell on Earth, premieres on Monday, February 1st and I already have my DVR set. What about you?

Still need more convincing? Well check out a clip of the new season after the jump!

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Kelly Cutrone’s “Kell on Earth” lands on Feb. 1st

photo courtesy of MTV.com
photo courtesy of MTV.com

Just this morning as I was getting ready to battle another day of coming to the office, I was watching last night’s season finale of The City and began to  wonder when Kelly Cutrone’s reality show was going to premiere.  I loved the way she handles Roxy last night and didn’t care who heard! ha.

Anyway, I was glad to open my inbox this morning and see that her show “Kell on Earth”, which I’m loving the name, is going to premiere on February 1st on Bravo. The show will feature Kelly and her People’s Revolution partners and assistant has she gives us a glimpse into her no holds barred life of behind the scenes of fashion.

That damn Bravo! is is slowly, but surely after my heart with The Real Housewives, Rachel Zoe, and now Kelly Cutrone! Why do I need any other stations?! Bravo, Bravo! I’ll be watching!

Stay Stylish!

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