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Which Watch Did I Get?

Did you guess which watch I picked?

Keep reading to see which watch I bought!


I decided to get the Michael Kors ‘Jet Set Iconic’ Chronograph in gold with a mother of pearl face and I seriously love everything about it! It goes with practically everything, and thanks to the mother of pearl face I can even throw in a little silver. The watch is HUGE, it even hangs on my big wrist! I might take it to get a couple of bars removed for a better fit, but it looks just has fabulous and luxe either way. I’ve gotten tons of compliments on already and I haven’t had for a week yet!

Here a couple of more pics!

It was $250 at Nordstrom, but unfortunately, they’ve sold out. I’m glad I go it when I did! *UPDATE* It’s back in stock!

Stay Stylish!

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The Wait is Over…almost

This weekend I finally picked and ordered a new Michael Kors watch! I know ya’ll happy, because you’re tired of my indecisive self talking about it. So, according to Nordstrom, it should be on my wrist by the end of next week.

Can you guess which watch I picked? Did I choose a fun color or stay neutral and chic white? Or, did I stay true to my jewelry motto and stay with gold or flip the script and went silver?

Hint: It’s one of the watches in the picture!

Stay Stylish!

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GREAT! Another option!

Just when I decided that I wanted the gold Michael Kors Jet Set Sport watch over the white one, here comes the rose gold! I don’t know if I should be more upset at myself that I have changed my mind..yet again or that I’ve never seen the rose gold one!

Now what should I do? Gold or Rose gold? Maybe, I should check and see all the color options just in case there is another contender out there! Shiny metallic black, maybe?

Stay Stylish!

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Beyond The Rack + $10 Shopping Credit

If you follow me on this site or Twitter, then you can probably recall numerous times that I’ve scored numerous items from sample and sale sites.

You  might also know that my next major item I plan to buy  is a Michael Kors watch. So, tomorrow, I plan to be on Beyond The Rack’s site for their Michael Kors watch sale! Yippee!

Keep reading to find out why you should sign up for Beyond the Rack and how you can get $10 credit just for signing up!

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