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EMPTIES: April 2021

EMPTIES: April 2021


Last month, I did better at using up products- way better. Not to mention, it was another month that I used up nothing but bangers. Does “bangers” apply to this? Maybe, but they were still all winners. SPOILER ALERT: I would/will buy all these products again. Keep reading to see why.

First, let’s start with Pattern Beauty styling cream. As much as I wanted to like every item I’ve tried from Pattern Beauty, that have been very hit and miss. The misses aren’t bad, but just not for me. However, those hits HIT! This styling cream hits, because both my straight and curly hair loves it. Trust me, it can be hard to find styling products that work for natural hair when it’s straight or curly.

This styling cream is very moisturizing, but it doesn’t just lay on my straighten hair – it absorbs it – and doesn’t cause it wave or curl up. When I apply the styling cream on my curly hair, it moisturizes and defines my curls while keeping them soft. Also, it’s so rich that a little goes a long way, which I love when products can do that. This jar was the travel size and it took me a few months to use up, because I only needed a dime-size for my thick shoulder length hair. Love this stuff!

The next product I used up was another Olaplex product, the No 3 Hair Perfector. I can honestly say that switching to using Olaplex was one of the best decisions I ever did to help my hair. Every time I wash my hair, I’m using some Olaplex products. Out of all of their products, the No 3 Hair Perfector is one of the products that everyone who has colored and/or damaged hair needs. You apply this to damp, towel dry hair before shampooing your hair. This helps to strengthen and bond your hair and the results are immediate. After one use, you will definitely see and feel that your hair is stronger and softer. Olaplex is so worth the money, sweetie!

I will admit that I’m one of those people that have been influenced to try products from Tik Tok. One of said products was Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow PHA + BHA Pore Tight Toner. Yeah, that’s a very lengthy name, but it’s so good. This helps exfoliate the skin to make the minimize the appearance of pores while hydrating the skin to make it all soft and glowy. Plus, I live for a hydrating toner, but the exfoliating was the cherry on top. Actually, the cherry on top is that it’s gently enough to use everyday – morning and night.

Finally and I do mean finally, I was able to use up It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging concealer. Like Pattern Beauty, I’ve experienced some hits and misses with It Cosmetics, which usually derived from their lack of color options for some of their products. However, they have improved their ranges over time, which I appreciate. As for this concealer, it’s legit! It’s full-coverage and hydrating, which is why it’s good if you have dry under eyes from natural aging. Also, since it is full-coverage, you only need a little at a time. Hence, I’ve had this concealer so long that that words have faded off and it now comes in different packaging. :/

Have you tried any products from this round of my empties?

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Currently, I’m going through one of my hair care products spells. So, I’ve been buying a trying different products to address the needs of my hair. Although this spell only lasts for a couple of weeks, I’ve bought quite a few products these past weeks. I’m still testing them out trying to separate the winners from the losers. So far, they are all showing potential. However, there is one that has been in the lead and that’s Ouai’s Hair Oil. Keep reading to see why this one is already in the winner’s circle.

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Favorite Co-Wash Products

co-wash products

co-wash products

Now that it’s warming up, it’s time I give my flat iron a break and rock my head full of thick and natural curls. However, my flatiron isn’t the only thing moving to the back of my beauty closet, because my shampoo usually goes with it. Yes, it’s time to break out my co-wash products.

What is a “co-wash”, you may be wondering”? Well, co-wash is short for conditioner wash and it’s the go-to method for curly hair ladies to cleanse their hair without stripping it of any moisture from shampoos. Some people may be shocked to know that conditioners have enough ingredients to clean your scalp, but without all the ingredients that suds up your hair. The ingredients that causes shampoo to lather and suds are the usual culprits that strips your hair of its natural oils and moisture.

When I first started researching how to maintain my naturally curly hair, co-washing was one of the first things I incorporated into my life. The conditioner of choice for me back then was Suave Coconut conditioner, because it did a great job at cleaning my scalp and moisturizing my hair. Plus, it was super cheap and super effective. That was also the first time I discovered my hair’s BFF, coconut oil. What a time.

However, a lot has changed in the past 10 years. Now there are more brands that create products exclusively for curly and wavy hair. Also, some of the mainstream brands have created lines for us curly hair girls, too. Therefore, most (if not all) of these lines include a product that is exclusively designed to co-wash your hair. Some have added and/or removed certain ingredients that allow you to thoroughly clean your scalp and hair, but without stripping process. Curls need all the moisture it can get at all levels of their hair regimen.

If you are having a hard time moisturizing your thick, wavy, and/or curly hair, you might want to embrace co-washing. It’s one of the best things I’ve done for my hair.

Co-Wash Products To Try

co-wash products

  • DevaCurl No-Poo Decadence Cleanser – Devacurl products has become of my favorite brands, especially their Decadence line. My current go-to co-wash product is their One Condition Decadence Conditioner, but their new No-Poo Decedence Milk Cleanser is amazing. I just tried it this past weekend and I was floored with my results.
  • dpHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse – Before co-wash products, us curly hair chicks would use apple cider vinegar to help clean our scalp of product build-up. Now, there’s an ACV rinse that also infused with oils and other moisturizing ingredients.
  • Pantene Pro-V Color Preserve Cleansing Conditioner – This is a great product for us curly girls who dye our hair. This co-wash cleanses and conditions without stripping your hair of moisture or color.
  • Shea Moisture Superfruit Multivitamin Conditioning Wash – My sister’s hair is more wavy than curly and this is the only product she uses when she just wants to wash her hair and go. It’s really gentle and moisturizing. Plus, it’s another great product to use is you have color-treated curls.
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Styling Tools for Curly Hair

human hair silk base wigs

First things first, there will not be a Lust-Have List for December, because of all the holiday gift guides I’ll be sharing the next couple of weeks. Too many lists. Also, because I’m consumed with trying to think of gifts to give my family and friends (FYI – I’m a giver), I haven’t really thought about what list of things I would like this month.

Despite my desire for gifts upon gifts, there are is one thing that I’m looking for and that’s a new blow dryer with a comb attachment. As a frequent curly hair rocker, I sometimes prefer to add a little sleekness to my hair via flat ironing. Bone straight hair doesn’t work for my round face. So, I tend to just flat iron my hair after washing and air drying to cut back on heat damage and let my hair gradually wave up and add texture on it’s own, which usually happens by the next day. Second day hair so truly awesome.

As a natural with curly hair, you have to be very careful when it comes to adding heat styling tools, because they can cause heat damage and damage the pattern of curls. Unfortunately, I recently noticed some heat damage to my hair and have stopped using my flat iron altogether. The direct heat of a flat iron is just too much, no matter how low I have the temperature.

However, there are still some “heat” styling tools that are designed specifically for curly hair, which are low in heat and give your bouncy and frizz-free curls. Keep reading to see some styling tools for curly hair.

Hochwertige Perücken und Haarteile für Frauen

DevaDryer and DevaFuser – Devacurl is one of the top brands for creating products and tools for curly hair. Their devadryer and devafuser was created specifically for curly and wavy hair. The hand shaped devafuser has a 360 degree airflow and slides comfortably to your roots, and cups your hair as you dry it. Definite dynamo.


Hair Steamer – If you have curly and/or natural hair, you should definitely get a hair steamer, because the benefits are awesome. Steaming your hair can increase moisture retention, enhance your curls, and strengthen your hair, to name a few.


Ouidad Double Detangler – Every curly hair person knows the importance and necessity of a wide tooth comb. However, the awesome thing about this one from Quidad, is that is easily glides through your hair (wet or dry) without tugging on your tresses.

360 lace wigs

AQUIS Hair Turban – I can’t remember the last time I used a towel to dry my hair or 360 lace frontal wigs, because I’m all about the microfiber turban life. Microfiber not only dries your hair faster, but also prevents your hair from frizzing up, unlike towels.

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