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It Works!: Origins GinZing Eye Cream

Why beat around the bush with some reviews. Sometimes, you just want to know does it work.

Origins’ GinZing Eye Cream is to help brighten and depuff eyes. Does it? YES, it did and still does on my eyes, at least.

Ever since I started using it, my under eye area has been brighter and my under eye concealer is smoother and brighter. Lovely!

If you are having problems with dull and/or puffy undereyes, then you might want to try this. I’m just saying.

Stay Stylish!

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Lust-Have List: AUGUST 2012

I can’t wait for fall to arrive! I’m over the constant and unwanted sweating just to walk to my car. Not to mention the instant burn I feel when I touch my steering wheel or accidentally touch the metal part of the seat belt buckle (ouch!).

Although we have more than a while to wait for fall to begin, let alone the cool weather that arrive with it, I couldn’t help but lusting over some fall friendly pieces for August. So, here are some of the things I’m lusting for this hot and muggy month of August.

  1. French Connection Colorblock Silk Dress, $218, Nordstrom – Is colorblocking going to go out of “style” any time soon? I don’t know, but while it’s till popping, I’m all over it! This silk dress looks super chic,comfy, and down-right fabulous!
  2. Infinity Knot Gold Necklace, $29, Wanderlust+Co. – Ya’ll already know I’m a sucker for a dainty necklace to wear all the time. So, I’m swooning hardcore over this infinity knot necklace. It’s very sleek and elegant. It’s simple just a nice everday staple necklace….and I want it!
  3. Dorset Tote, $239, Eva Hanusova – I can’t tell you how I’ve been on a mission to find a clean, simple brown tote with no embellishment or even hardware, but with some ruggedness to it. Lo an behold, I think I’ve found it in this tote by Eva Hanusova. I can’t over how I’m in love with the classic simplicity of this cow-hide bag. It’s also available in tan and wine, which is a deep blood red. Lovely!
  4. Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Serum, $55, Macy’s – Another Origins anti-aging product? Yep. I’m all in on Origins products, especially their skincare aimed at anti-aging. I was actually going to but this last week, but digressed on some other Origins products. However, I have a feeling that I’m going to get this product soon enough!
  5. Leopard Print Wedge, $159, Zara – Leopard print sky high wedges from Zara? Yep, don’t mind, if I do! I mean, these are just down right closet necessities to me, right now. It’s almost embarrassing to think that I don’t have these already! I have a feeling these are going to move into my closet sometime soon.

There you have it, the list of things I’m lusting for this month. Hmm, I wonder what some of ya’ll are itching to buy this month. Can you share? I promise, I won’t bite your style, I mean unless it just sounds to amazingly fabulous to NOT get. All is fair in love…and fashion!

Stay Stylish!

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Starting Over with Origins

When I was young (i.e. late teens/early 20s), I was all about skin care, especially age-fighting products. I figured that the best way to prevent wrinkles and lines in my later years, is to fight them in my younger years before they could get a chance to find my face and get comfortable in the form of wrinkles and lines. Now, flip all the way to me now, at the age of 30. Can you believe that the girl who was obsessed with anti-aging products is now a woman with aging problems and NO ANTI-AGING PRODUCTS?!

Now, here I am ready to go to battle with aging skin and no weaponry in the form of wrinkle fighting moisturizers or creams. Oh, what a dry and tangled web I’ve woven. Well, I’m ready to prepare myself and I want to start at a place that used to give me life and rejuvenated my youth when I was a youth and hopefully will have the same effects on me now at the aging age of 30 as they did at 20; the Origins counter at my nearest department store (read: Macy’s)

Origins was everything to me when it came to skin care! They make some of the most amazing products for any and every skin type. I can still remember buying and swooning over their Never A Dull Moment exfoliator. Back then it came in a little jar, instead of a tube, but I’m sure it’s just as amazing. I would use it 1-2x a week and would be left with a smooth and bright complexion that would make my make-up look so effing flawless. I mean, your skin is your canvas. What’s the point of using some of the most expensive and luxe paints on a tattered and uncared after canvas. The same philosophy can be applied to your skin and makeup. Proper skincare is everything.

So, I need to get an anti-aging skin regimen and I’m pretty much sold on Origin’s Starting Over collection. Perfect title, don’t you think? The Starting Over collection only features an eye cream and moisturizer, but both are aimed at fighting and reducing wrinkles and lines that are already there. Now, I don’t have any wrinkles, but I have a some lines under my eyes that are annoying me and my daily attempt to apply smooth and flawless undereye concealer.

Although I want to try  both products, I think I’m going to buy the eye cream first, because my eyes are in dire need of a little TLC. Fingers crossed!

Stay Stylish!

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LUST-HAVE LIST: October 2010

It’s already October?! This year is just zipping by and the cool breezy fall weather is just reaching my neck out the woods. Yippee!

Keep reading to see the things that I’m lusting for in October!

  • A. Origins GinZing eye cream, $29.50, Origins.com – I’ve been obsessed with eye cream lately. I feel like my under eye area is not as bright as it used to be and want to get rid of that before  it gets worse. I’ve read some pretty amazing reviews about this eye cream and the fact that it has caffeine and ginseng. Sounds like a punch of energy for the eyes, without leaving a nasty bruise.
  • B. Jeffrey Campbell Fang Black Razor Sharp Pumps, $121, Lulu’s – Fall is the perfect season for leather mules, because not matter if its a cool or warm fall day they work. These JB pair are described more as a shoe that looks like a mule, but I don’t care. They look sexy, yet practical for any fall outfit.
  • C. Claw Money The Shopper Tee, $45, Karmaloop – Cropped big boxy tees have been my guilty pleasure on the weekend. Although they provide absolutely NO SHAPE, they make up for it comfort and edge. This shopper tee  that plays off of Bloomingdales iconic brown bag is practically begging for me to add it to my closet. I just imagine pairing it with a shrunken cardigan and skinnies.
  • D. Madison Patent Sophia Satchel, $358, Coach – Coach has really been impressing with their higher end bags, especially the Sophia satchel. Plus, it’s hard for moi to not fall for a deep red patent leather bag that would add so much life to any fall outfit.
  • E. Brush Set Essentials, $28, Stila – Makeup brushes. *Deep sigh* I’ve been buying so many in different styles, sizes, and prices that it’s too ridiculous to mention. I told myself that I was through buying them for awhile. Well, that was before Stila sent out the email about their Holiday 2010 collection, which includes these brushes. I love the metallic pink and black contrast and they would look and fit perfectly with my others. BEAUTY BONUS: You get all 5 for $28!

Stay Stylish!

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