TECH TUESDAY: DEOS Apple earphone covers

Recently, DEOS Live contacted me and asked me if I wanted to review some of their apple earphone covers. It was perfect timing, because I had just gotten a new Apple iPod Touch and, I’m sorry, but I like a smidge of pizazz to my electronics and gadgets! More after the jump!

The past couple of weeks, I’ve been making more and more visits to the gym or just walking around the track at the U of M.Everytime I go, at least one person asks me where did I get my earphones. I politely correct them and let them know that they are iPod earphone covers and they always want to know where get them and shower me with compliments. I love how two little dazzling pieces can add a “newness” to a simple pair of ear buds.

From cell phone covers to different color digital cameras, the need for expressing your personality via your gadgets and their accessories is growing. The latest item that crossed by path are these earphone covers by DEOS designed to add some design to your Apple earphones. They are specifically for apple earphones.

They are available in 4 different styles/materials: sport silicon, aluminum, crystal accent/cuff, and full crystal. Check out their website, to find out which retailers carry these adorable earphone covers.

P.S. One of the ladies that asked me at the gym where I got them from had a pair of Ruby red full-crystal ones the next time I saw her. She said she ordered them online and I was sooo jealous, because I didn’t have them. They look like glittery rubies from a close distance. So pretty!

Stay Stylish!

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