The return of “Kendra” and “Pretty Wild” premieres

This Sunday marks the return of E!’s Kendra and the series premiere of Pretty Wild. Read more to find out what to expect from the premiere episodes of both shows!

To my disbelief, I watched and enjoyed every episode of Kendra last season. Last season started with her being in a new relationship and ended with her being married with a baby on the way. Talk about a 180!

This season, don’t expect Kendra to be running around in skimpy outfits and getting drunk, but more of become a true housewife, mother, and adjusting to her new curveacous post-pregnancy body.

In Sunday night’s episode, Kendra dons a sauna suit to try and trim her body to try a feel sexier for baller hubby, Hank Baskett, but more for her. Also, she deals with finding a babysitter and having a long needed romantic date with her husband.

Despite all the changes Kendra has experienced in the past year, underneath the diapers and delimmas, she is still the same wild and crazy Kendra!

After the season premiere of Kendra, E! premieres their new show called Pretty Wild, which follows three young and beautiful sisters, Tess, Alexis, and Gabby, as they work and party under the lights of Tinseltown.

The premiere episode focuses around the arrest of Alexis and her involvement in the Hollywood Hills robberies of young hollywood. After her arrest, the reprecussions start to interfer with her potentail modeling career.

So, this Sunday night, tune in for the season premiere of Kendra and stay for the series premiere of Pretty Wild.

Stay Stylish!

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