Gifts To Give Yourself for Valentine’s Day

Many years ago, an older lady gave a piece of advice regarding Valentine’s Day. She told me to buy myself something every Valentine’s Day – rather I’m single or not. Now, it’s rarely anything super extravagant,  but I have spoiled myself a couple of times. Although I’m one of those people that could care less about Valentine’s Day, I still try to do something special for me. I think of it as self-care, plus it helps remove the feeling of expecting someone to give you an amazing gift. It’s okay to look for gifts to give yourself.

Gifts To Give Yourself for Valentines's Day | STAINED COUTURE

I mean, you can still want it, but what if you give yourself something first? *shrugs* Anyway, keep reading to see 5 gifts to give yourself for Valentine’s Day. However, these are also amazing gifts to receive. So, feel free to send this post to drop a few hints to someone special.

Valentine’s Day Gifts To Give Yourself:

  • Personal Day for a Spa Day – Personally, I haven’t had a good spa day in years. Plus, treating yourself to a day of pampering is a perfect example of self-care. Even if going to a spa is not in the budget, you can give yourself a luxe feeling at-home facial.
  • Personalized Jewelry – I will admit, I prefer to receive jewelry – specifically diamonds. However, this year, I ordered myself some 14k initial earrings – a L and a D. I was eyeing some simple gold necklaces, but I’ve been wanting some real gold initial earrings forever.
  • Fancy Lunch – Oh, I’m definitely treating myself to a nice lunch on Friday – no $5 Subway combo for me. I’m trying to decide do I want a smorgasbord of sushi or go all in with steak. I’m good either way. Also, I chose lunch, because all the dinner spots are probably booked up and going to be filled with couples. Not into that energy when single.
  • Sexy, Cozy Pajamas – It might be hard to think that sexy and cozy pajamas exist, but they do. A pair of silk or cashmere pajamas feel so good to slip after a long day of being fine with being single on V-Day. This tie-dye satin pajama short set is so fab! It looks chic enough to wear out.
  • Pricey Bottle of Wine – Listen, I know that $4.99 bottle of wine from the grocery store hits the spot most days. However, treat yourself to a bottle that costs more than the amount of change in car console. Treat yo’ self. Love yo’ self! If not a bottle of wine, then some new fancy wine glasses would work, too. My favorite wine glass at the moment is the Dorset Cordial red wine glass from William-Sonoma.

What’s your dream gift to get for Valentine’s Day? Share below!

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