Winter Hair Care for Thick Color-Treated Hair

When the weather gets colder, everything gets drier. This is very true for hair and especially thick and/or color-treated hair. When it comes to thick and/or color-treated hair, you need products that clean your hair and scalp without stripping it. Unfortunately, most shampoos do that without even trying. A couple of weeks ago, after getting my color touched up and an amazing scalp treatment, I still encountered some flakes on my scalp. However, I realized that the cold weather played a part in it, too. So, I had to find the right winter hair care routine for my thick, color-treated hair and fast!

Winter Hair Care for Thick Color-Treated Hair | STAINED COUTURE

After dealing with an avalanche of scalp snow dropping on my shoulders, I believe that I’ve found the right products to clean my hair. If you’ve been having a problem creating a winter hair care routine that cleans your hair without stripping it of it’s natural oils or your color, then keep reading. One of all of these products might be exactly what you need.

When it comes to washing my hair, I feel like I’ve tried every type of shampoo, including dry shampoo. Although I usually enjoy most shampoos, it’s been hard to find one for my thick color-treated hair or yours wigs. My main concern was finding a product that cleansed my scalp without dry it out, which made it flake. Back in my O.G. curly hair days, I used to rinse my hair and scalp with diluted apple cider vinegar. I wasn’t in the mood for measuring and pouring, so I picked up a bottle of dp Hue Apple Cider Vinegar rinse. This rinse gently cleans your scalp and hair without stripping it. Plus, it’s infused with argan oil and other ingredients to help keep your hair soft and nourished. So, you can use 2-3x a week or everyday without feeling like you’re drying out your hair and fading your color.

I love co-washing, which is washing your hair with shampoo. This is process that those of us with thick and curly hair have been doing for over a decade. However, it became more mainstream a few years ago. More big brands caught on and started creating their own co-wash formulas. I picked up this Redken Cleansing Conditioner a few weeks ago, which is available in 3 different formulas. I picked up the one for course hair, which I use on my hair shaft only to help condition.

Speaking of conditioning, deep conditioning is a must for thick hair and curly hair. I’ve been using and loving the Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Masque. This masque is formulated to help moisture, strengthen, and repair medium to coarse hair. It’s safe for color-treated hair and only take 5-10 minutes to do what it do. I use it every time I wash my hair, which is at least once a week. It’s worth every penny.

Actually, all of these products are worth the coins. Try them for yourself and let me know!

What is your favorite winter hair care product? Share below.

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