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GIFT GUIDE: Gifts for Smokers and CBD

GIFT GUIDE: Gifts for Smokers and CBD Users

2021 GIFT GUIDE: Gifts for Smokers and CBD | STAINED COUTURE

If you’re new here, you should know that I’m a huger fan of CBD products in the beauty and health space. Personally, I think CBD is great way to help deal with anxiety and stress, which is why I use it. So, I’ve never been one to not share gift guides that include CBD products, including this one. However, I decided to include a couple of gift ideas for people that also enjoy and are part of the 420 culture. I mean, it is legal in most states and felt like including some products for it. My site, so I can share what I please.

Keep reading to see some nice gift ideas for the CBD lover and smoker in your life.

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HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2019: Fun Gifts for All

STAINED COUTURE’S Holiday Gift Guide 2019 – Fun Gifts for All


Happy final Friday before Christmas! At the last possible minute, I decide to do one more gift guide. This will probably be my last gift guide of the season and I sure hope so. I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m ready for Christmas to come and leave. Usually, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas zooms by – not this year. To me, it feels like Thanksgiving was 2 months ago and not just a few weeks ago.

Anyway. My final gift guide is a small list of fun items for almost anyone on your list. PLUS, you can find most of them on Amazon for fast shipping before Christmas. If not, you may find some similar gifts locally. Take a look and get some last minute inspiration.

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2019: Fun Gift for All

  • Margarita Glass Bottle – I thought that this glass bottle was so cute! Perfect for that person on your list that lives for #TacoTuesday.
  • Gradient Jigsaw Puzzle – We need to bring puzzles back, because they can be distracting – in a good way. The person who loves to find  away to unwind with something relaxing like a book or adult coloring books would love this puzzle. Plus, the final product would make a great piece of instant art to hang on the wall.
  • Polaroid Festive Starter Set – When Polaroid cameras came back a couple of years ago, I was stoked. They are the perfect mix of retro vibes and fun times. Everybody from a selfie-taking-lover to a person that loves nostalgia would love to get this camera kit.
  • Glass Monopoly board game – Speaking of retro, Monopoly will always be a top favorite family game to play for all ages. It’s even better to play as an adult, because you now know the value in real estate. As a child, it was just nice to get colorful fake money from your parents landing on your property with a billion hotels on it. This glass version of the iconic game looks more luxe, but just as fun for everyone.
  • Taco vs Burrito game – Who doesn’t look a silly game that all ages can play? Well, I do and this Taco vs Burrito is all the right blend of stupid and silly, but not childish.
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STAINED COUTURE’S Holiday Gift Guide 2019 – CBD Gifts


I feel like 2019  is the year that me, most of the country, and every brand in the world became interest in CBD products. Over the past year, I’ve tried a few CBD based products and I’ve been impressed. So much so, I decided to dedicate a holiday gift featuring nothing but CBD based products that would make awesome gifts. Keep reading to see some that I’ve tried or want to try, too.

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