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Card Holders for the Girls

Card Holders for the Girls

Card Holders for the Girls | STAINED COUTURE

How was your Christmas? Mine was lovely – I got everything I requested and then some. However, every year, there are some things I wish I had asked for in the end. I usually share those items in the January Lust-Have List. However, one item I recently realized I regret not asking for is a card holder. Not just any card holder, but I want a card holder that has little extra to it.

Personally, I have a history of looking for the right wallet for me. For years, I was into big, zippered tri-fold wallets. I got into those big wallets after I got my first “big girl” job. After a couple of years of that, I decided that I wanted to smaller and moved to wallet keychains. Now, I’m ready to go smaller with card holder cases.

Using a card case might not practical for many. However, I rarely carry cash, which includes coins. Plus, almost everything is digital and/or on my phone. Therefore, this move just makes more sense to me. Now, I just need to find the right one for me.

Here the ones that I’ve been eyeing and leaning toward purchasing.

Card Holders for the Girls

  • All Black Monogram YSL – This all black card holder looks sexy and discreet, which is must for many.
  • Card Case Belt Bag – This card case comes with a detachable belt to make this more functionable when needed.
  • Tan MCM Card Case with Keychain – That first “big girl” wallet I spoke of earlier is the same design of this one, which is probably why I fancy this one so much.
  • Gold Tory Burch Card Case – A gold accessory will always hold a special place in my heart, which this one from Tory Burch is doing.
  • Cream MCM Card Case – It’s the classic MCM print but in cream and it’s slim
  • Smythson Flat Card Holder – You can never go wrong with a flat card holder made out of amazing leather.
  • Slim Folded Card Case – This one comes in many color, monogrammed and super affordable while being well made. Plus it folds for extra security.
  • Marni Card Case – This Marni case looks luxury but also casual. I kind of love that! Actually, I really love that!
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Work Bags for Walking Commute

Work Bags for Walking Commute

Work Bags for Walking to Work | STAINED COUTURE

It’s been almost a monthsince my job moved just a 5 minute walk away. However, I’ve yet to take that 5 minute walk, becasue I’m still trying to prepare. It’s s a quick walk that I’ve taken before. However, I will have to cross a major street – the nearest crosswalk will add another 5-10 minutes. Also, when I’ve taken that walk before, it was part of my hot girl walk andI only had my keys, phone, and vibes.

Unlike the other walks, I need to carry a purse for things I need to take to work and/or back home. My office is located right next to my grocery store, which means I grab some things to take home for dinner. Plus, there are some more lunch option, but my diet and budget may require me to bring lunch more. Therefore, I’m looking for a new purse work¬† that easy to carry and spacious.

So, here are some bags that I think will work for walking to work and one may work for you, too!

Work Bags for Walking Commute

  • Small Nylon Bag – I love a good nylon bag, because they can handle the occasional coffee spill. This one is available in 20+ colors
  • Mini Fabric Tote – This fabric tote is not too big or small – will work for bare work essentials or half-days.
  • Cutout Leather Tote – Honestly, I was immediately obsessed with this leather Madewell tote. Madewell really knows how to make quality leather goods at affordable prices.
  • Faux Leather Shopping Bag – This shopper bag is huge and would work if you carry alot of things, including a laptop.
  • Triple Compartment Satchel – You can never go wrong with a satchel for work. This one works, because it has 3 comparments and still looks sleek. I loved this olive color so much.
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BEACH TOTES: Summer 2023

Summer Beach Totes 2023


As I mentioned, I’m currently planning a beach vacation for late summer. This weekend, I did square away the room and rental car, which has me excited to go even more. However, now it’s time to start figuring out everything I need. Honestly, I think I have enough clothes, because I plan to loaf in shorts and bathing suits.

I wasn’t prepared the last time I went to the beach. It was a last minute invite and I didn’t have time to plan. Plus, I didn’t think that I would enjoy being on the beach for too long, because I don’t like heat. However, I was really wrong and it was so relaxing and perfectly warm. So, I plan to be laid out on the beach for an extended amount of time this time and know that I will need a beach bag.

You will need a beach tote to carry your essentials, such as towel, phone and summer books. Check out these fun beach totes for everyone.

Summer Beach Totes 2023

  1. Hola Beaches Straw Tote – I love word play lol
  2. Sheer Orange Mesh Tote – Classic fun summer tote
  3. Mesh Utility Tote Bag – Perfect for family beach day
  4. Oversized Boxy Tote – Classic and 3 different color options
  5. Kids Beach Tote Train Case – For kids, but cute enough for adults lol
  6. Seasonal Straw Tote – 3 different fun sayings
  7. Mesh Beach Tote – Perfect everyday summer tote – on and off the beach
  8. Striped Canvas Beach Tote – Screams summer beach vacation
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eSTYLIST: Spring Uniform 2023

eSTYLIST: Spring Uniform 2023

eSTYLIST: Spring Uniform 2023 | STAINED COUTURE

It’s finally my second favorite season; Spring! My favorite part of spring is the weather that starts off cool, bur5 eventually warms up to pleasant sunny day. Unfortunately, that pesky groundhog may have been right, because Winter weather is still lingering. However, I peeped the forecast, and the weather is supposed to be warm and sunny – just how I like it.

Although I’ve been wanting to start shopping for spring, it’s been hard to get in the spirit with cold and cloudy weather. Thankfully, the hope that that’s about to change has motivated me to start filling my online shopping carts. However, I want to start with getting pieces for my go-to look for spring – my seasonal spring uniform.

When I think of a seasonal uniform, I think more about the silhouette with pieces that you can interchange. Using the same shape but with different colors and textures give you more style options. This spring, I want to be all about the easy, casual and chic of jeans, oversized button up blouse with textured accessories.

On that note, here is the what I want my spring uniform to be for 2023.

eSTYLIST: Spring Uniform 2023

  • Distressed Bell Bottoms – I’ve been wanting a pair of bell bottoms for a while and I’m loving the distress of this pair.
  • Button-down Striped Poplin Shirt – You can ever go wrong with too many loose button ups, because can dress them up or down. Plus, so many colors and design, but I always fancy vertical stripe ones.
  • Large Woven Satchel – I’m obsessed with this bag and it was so close to being on my next LHL post, but it’s my dream spring bag, at the moment.
  • Mixed Media Bracelet Stack -Recently, I’ve started to want to bring bracelet stacks back into my daily wear. I love that this bracelet gives the look of stacks, but it’s only one piece.
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SPRING TREND: Tenniscore

Finally, Winter is beginning to wrap up and leave. Therefore, it’s time to start thinking about the visual vibes for Spring. For the past few seasons, there have been different core style trends and I thinking of tenniscore this year. Take a walk with me so that we can talk about Tenniscore for spring agan, this year.



What is tenniscore, you may ask? Well, it’s just fashion that have elements of traditional styles worn my tennis players. Think short a-line skorts and preppy accessories – very leisure housewife. Have you ever stopped in a Target or fancy store in the middle of the day on weekday? Well, have you seen a woman dressed in tennis gear while casually walking around shopping? Yeah, they embody tenniscore, which is wearing fashion associated with playing tennis in everyday activities.

I’ve found a few pieces that exude Tenniscore and that you can easily add in and out of your regular warm weather warbrobe. Keep reading to find out more and where you can buy these pieces.

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