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Personal Adulting Checklist

I know we’ve all complained about how we encountered situations as an adult that we should’ve learned about before having to go through it. However, there are things in life that you just can’t afford to overlook and should handle ASAP. This are things that are just part of being an adult and will affect you succeed in adulting.

Personal Adulting Checklist | STAINED COUTURE

When I turned 40, I immediately felt like I wasn’t prepared for what was ahead. It was such a weird and emotional realization. However, after sulking for 2-3 business days, I decided that I needed to start preparing and/or working the progress. Keep reading to see the things that we all need to keep in mind and actively get figured out.

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Current Daily Supplements and Why

Here are my Current Daily Supplements and why I take each one.

Current Daily Supplements | STAINED COUTURE

Part of my morning routine is taking my daily supplements and vitamins. This is one of the few good things that I’m consistent about and it’s my thing. However, please remember to consult with your doctor about what supplements and vitamins that you should be taking. I work in the beauty industry – not in the medical field anymore. Still, I did learn most of this information from medical doctors, professionals, and licensed medical dieticians.

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No Meat for A Week + Fav Meatless Recipe

What I learned by eating no meat for a week. Also, my favorite meatless recipe.

Eating No Meat for a Week | STAINED COUTURE

About a month ago, I came up with the idea to go meatless one week a month. Luckily, I’m not a stranger to being vegetarian and vegan. I tend fast off of meat once a twice a year, but mostly during a corporate fast at church. However, I recently realized that I haven’t fasted off meat in awhile and wanted to bring it back. The only difference is that this time I decided to do it one week a month.

I just finished my first week yesterday and decided to share my take always and if I will continue this self-imposed challenge every month, as planned. Keep reading to find out.

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