Oct 212014


Every season, there are just some items that you pretty much have to have in your wardrobe. In the winter, you need a simple and chic pair of black boots, spring don’t mean a thing without a crisp white dress you can wear anywhere and anytime, and summer isn’t summer without the perfect swimsuit for your body type.

Well, when it comes to fall, your wardrobe can’t be labeled “fall-friendly” unless it has a trench coat hanging around. There are so many different styles, silhouettes, colors, and more for trench coats. However, one to have you classic belted and button-up style in a classic tan and/or black and MICHAEL Michael Kors makes the perfect trench coat one for many shapes and sizes.

This trench has the classic shape, belted cuffs, and single-breasted has the traditional details that your first trench should possess. Plus, it has a detachable hood and is perfectly priced well under $150 and on sale at Nordstrom. So, go get one so you can complete your fall wardrobe.

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Oct 202014


With Halloween right around the corner, most people are just now deciding what costume to wear for costume parties and/or trick-or-treating with the kiddos. However, there are some of us who don’t have a reason to dress up, but would still like to participate in some way, small or large, in Halloween.

One of the ways I like participate in Halloween is with my nails. Usually, I use a bright orange and/or black, but that has become very boring over the years. Enter, nail art! One nail art design that has peaked my interest in the past couple of years is ‘bloody nails’. I’ve always wanted to try it, but never got around to trying it out. However, I’m ready this year.

Here are some polishes that will help you attain this look and design.


essie ‘Limited Addiction’Ginger + Liz ‘Poole It Together’OPI ‘Alpine Snow’Ulta ‘Baby Doll’Seche Vite Top Coat

The look of “bloody nails” might be a little too gore for some, but there are couple ways you can try this trend that can be more cool than creepy. If you are interested in trying this or some other nail art designs for Halloween, you should check out my Pinterest board for Halloween nail art ideas.

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Oct 162014


I promise, I’ve been eying this lace jacket from ASOS Curve for what feels like an eternity, but realistically a year. However, this is the year I’m going to finally order it, because I have a few outfits in my closet that would be perfectly tied together with the addition of this fab piece of wearable art.

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Oct 152014


Juicing was MAJOR the past couple of years and for good reasons. It was healthy, quick, and delicious. No to mention, perfectly chill for those hot days.

However, there is a new kid coming to town in the form in souping. Soupure is a new company that provides, soups, broths, and other warm and savory liquids that will be perfect for colder months. However, Soupure products can be sipped warm or cold.

Unfortunately, Soupure is currently only offered in L.A., but it is a start-up. So, I’m sure they are working to spread this genius idea.

Have you tried juicing? Are you interested in ‘souping’?

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Oct 152014


Crossbody purses are always the rage for summer, because of their ease and carefree design that fits perfectly with lazy days of summer. However, in the fall and winter, purse trends are more structured and chic.

I’ve been obsessed with these crossbody bags by IllBeCa by Joy Gryson, because they combine the ease of a crossbody, but with a warm colors, chic design, and structured shilouette that compliments your warm fall wardrobe. Plus, they would make awesome gifts!

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