RECENT EMPTIES: January 2015


I never thought I would get to the point in life where I would be borderline ecstatic to run out of a beauty product, especially makeup. Well, I’m there and I always feel a little proud when I can replace an item and/or buy a new item to try.

Recently, I decided to start investing in high quality makeup from classic and higher end brands, especially for face products (i.e. foundation, powders, skincare). So, I’ve been trying to use up as many drugstore products in my makeup collection as possible, especially those products that I really didn’t fancy. So, you will notice that the majority of the products I proudly used up can be found at your favorite local drugstore.

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The Return of the Accountability Advocate


In case you can’t tell from the lack of daily posts, I’ve been having the hardest time getting back into the swing of things, online and offline, so far this year. Regular posting on the blog and social media has been hard to climb back on board and even my usually daily/weekly activities have evaporated. To give you an example of just how extreme my lack of motivation, I haven’t stepped into a Target since before Christmas. Yes, almost a month and that’s even scary to type considering I would go to Target no less than 1-2 times a week. Whoa, I just got chills after taking in this revelation.

It’s really weird, because even though I have a few legit reasons to explain this lacking moment in my life, this isn’t the first time I’ve experienced this type of “life blockage”. However, this is the first time that it has taken this long to get out of it. I’ve been a nonchalant person for as long as I can remember, which has allow me to not sweat small stuff and push ahead after a quick breather. Unfortunately, this breather has turned into a full on coma. Continue Reading

The Cutest Leather Elephants


I’ve always been a fan of “different” accessories, be it a bright neon or funky print, but in small doses. So, needless to say, I’m pretty much all about these Elephant coin purses from Loewe.

Adorable, yet chic and very creative. They are available in yellow, red, and a forest green. BONUS: They have a Panda version of this coin purse that is just too ridiculously cute for me to post, because every time I see it think of another ridiculous reason I need to buy. So, I will just place the link for you to see it here. Yep.

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Sleeveless Coats


Sleeveless coats are probably one of the latest things I’m fascinated with in fashion. Although the initial thought I had about them were confusing, that quickly went out the door when I saw how effortless chic they can make the simplest of tees, jeans, and booties look.

So, in case you are inquisitive about this latest fashion piece, which would also a great transitional piece from fall to winter and from winter to spring, here are some options for you to consider in testing out this latest trend of sleeveless coats.

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Hydration Heaven


Pardon my tardiness, but I’ve had the hardest time “plugging” myself back into social media and writing following the holiday unplug. I mean, I do have proper and legit excuses including the flu and a totaling out my car. So, yeah…my 2015 has been crazy!

Like I mentioned, I got the flu at the beginning of the year and I’m just getting the last lingering trace of it out my system.

When you get sick, one of the main side effects is dehydration, especially of your skin and hair. I don’t know about you, but my hair gets broom-straw brittle when I get sick and I obviously don’t have the energy to deal with it while I’m sick. So, usually one of the first things I do post-sick is wash my sheets and deep condition and moisturize my hair. Seriously, it’s a a necessity for me.

The products that helped me battle my dry hair post-flu this time was Instanatural‘s Superior Hydration Argan Oil Hair Mask and 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil.

The mask was everything that I look for in a hair mask: creamy, moisturizing, and aromatic. This mask was an instant hit with my hair, because it soften my tired tresses almost instantly and wasn’t heavy at all. After leaving it on for a 15 minutes, because it’s super penetrating and doesn’t really need much leave-in time, my hair was noticeable softer, smooth, and bouncy.

When it comes to drying my hair, I tend to add a couple of drops of oil to my hair to help it stay hydrated during the drying time, blow-drying or air-drying. So, I decide to add a couple of drops of the pure argan oil to hair for extra oomph, which it did provide. Since it’s pure argan oil, a little goes a long way. I even apply a drop to my hands and massage it on my ends every night and works wonderfully.

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*This product was provided for review purposes ONLY and I loved it. So, I told you about it and I hope you use it and love it, too! No “pay to play”, here peeps.

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