WEEKLY GOALS #1: Move, Work, Create


Although the year is half way wrapped up, I feel like I’m running out of time to complete some things that I meant to tackle this year. Therefore, this weekend, while partaking in BBQ hopping, annoyance of loud fireworks/gunshots (maybe?) and napping, I decided that I needed to do a better at holding myself accountable. I wanted to start sharing my goals for the week. I’m not sure if I plan to share my weekly goals on just Instagram and Twitter or on here, too. We’ll see. In the meantime, here are my goals I would like to complete this week. Continue Reading

Ideas for The 4th of July Desserts


I love the Fourth of July, especially when it falls on a weekend (3-Day weekend!!) Despite the usual intense heat, the day of noshing on delicious smoked meats followed by a night of watching fireworks with family and friends is just a perfect summer day to me and I have so many memories of said perfect days from my childhood.

Now despite all the great entree’s of BBQ, baked beans, and cole slaw, desserts tend to be very lack luster. My memories of desserts on the 4th are very bleak. All I remember is assorted pints of ice cream, which I never mind because ice cream is my BFF. Still, there are so many dessert options with a patriotic twist that will stand out any cookout.

Keep reading for some ideas. Continue Reading



I can’t lie, July really crept up on me. One minute I was hiding out from the humid heat in my chilly house and the next thing I know, July is the next day. The humidity fogged my train of thought and recognition of a whole new month to complain about the heat.

Little known fact about me, I love Independence Day! The holiday, not the movie, because…shocker…I’ve never seen it. Keep your awes and strong lowered brows of disbelief to yourself. I plan to change that very soon. In the meantime, get into the things I’m lusting for this month. Continue Reading

DEFINE DESIGN: Scandinavian Design


As a beginner minimalist, one of favorite decor aesthetics is Scandinavian design. Basically, the term Scandinavian design emerged in the 1930s to describe the design style from…wait for it…..Scandinavia which includes the countries of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

The Scandinavian has a very simple, clean, and minimal design and functional furniture, which is created with natural materials such as wood, leather, and hemp. This is design element that I’ve slowly been incorporating in my home since I’ve been purging a lot of useless and non-functional items.

If you are interested in ways to add this design element to your home, keep reading to see some awesome ideas for Scandinavian design. Continue Reading

UNSUBSCRIBE…from useless emails


We live in a time when we can do any and everything at practically the tap of a computer mouse or screen and that also includes signing up for countless upon countless of newsletters.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love and appreciate all the newsletters I’m currently signed up for, because they serve a purpose in my life. They do everything from keeping me informed on current sales at my favorite stores, tips on business and branding, and even emails that inspire me with new ideas. Pretty much, things that are currently of interest to me.

However, it took me a minute to get to this perfectly condensed list of newsletters and notifications and to learn how to declutter my digital life. Between us, I’m sure you might need to remove and unsubscribe from some emails in your life, too. Admit it. Continue Reading