Multiple Purpose Makeup


Last week, I took on the daunting, yet fulfilling task of downsizing my makeup collection. It was something that was long overdue, because I can honestly say that I’ve only worn about 5% of the items in it.. in the past 2 years.

This downsizing was another task in my aspirations to lead a minimalist life, which is going pretty awesome.

While sorting through years of collected makeup, I realized that a lot of the products that I keep and use are products that have multiple uses and that’s why Paula Dorf’s Perfect Color stick in Ectasy made the final cut and pretty much lives in my makeup bag. Continue Reading

How To Deal With Sensitive Teeth


I didn’t really have that much of an issue with my sensitive teeth when I was younger. However, over the past few years, it has gotten pretty bad, which is understandable since your teeth get more sensitive over time. Some other things that increases sensitivity in your teeth includes wear and tear from improper toothbrushes, tooth decay, and acidic food.

Over time, I’ve learned some important tips on how to decrease and deal with having sensitive teeth. So, here are some quick bites (see what I did there?) on coping, maintaining, and decreasing tooth sensitivity. Keep reading to find out. Continue Reading

BEAUTY BUYS: February 2015


I haven’t really been that interested in shopping, especially makeup and beauty products until recently. I purged so much unnecessary makeup and beauty products last week. So, I’ve only bought a few necessary products that I love and are staples. However, I couldn’t help but buy a couple of new items, that I’m not regretting. Continue Reading

Are We Still a Slave to the Brand?


We’re just days away now from the long-awaited London Fashion Week, and after a successful parade of fashion designs at the New York Fashion Week earlier this February, both fashion followers and designers will be biting their nails to see what’s next.

With this in mind then, we’re led to question – what is more important about these soon to be iconic looks? Is it their flawless design, or is it indeed, the name behind them? In the 21st century world, it seems that now, more than ever, we are paying for a label rather than the quality of the product itself. Continue Reading

A Wasteful Week


I wish I could say that I was off on some spontaneous exotic vacation or even just swamped by work to explain my absence. However, the ultimate culprit was just a lazy weekend followed by two snow days off from work, which equaled me laying on the sofa binge watching/catching up on shows on my DVR.

Now, I’m back to my daily grind of being in the office, daily inspirations and the want to share them with you. So, I’m back and so will regular postings.

Stay Stylish! Continue Reading