Best Cheap Concealers and Correctors

best cheap concealers and correctors

The temperatures have really cooled down now that fall has officially arrived. I’m so glad about that, because I can start wearing more make-up now that I don’t have to worry about the sun making my face feel like a tanned oil slick of foundation and eyeliner. I mean, it was just too hot this summer to wear much makeup, including foundation. So, to eliminate the need for foundation, I stepped up my skincare game, paid attention to what I ate, and played around with just wearing concealers and correctors for problematic areas. In the process, I realized that there are a lot of affordably cheap concealers and correctors out there that do an amazing job.

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Metallic Fringe Loafers

metallic fringe loafers

When fall hits, I become obsessed with a certain number of things that don’t quite feel appropriate any other time of year, such as burgundy manicures, multiple pumpkin flavored foods, and loafers. Ah, loafers! Some people hear “loafers” and think of retired grandpas and librarians. However, loafers are not your grandpa or favorite elementary school librarian’s shoes any more. Loafers have evolved into some pretty cute and style shoes in different shapes and styles. Now, you can find a pair of loafers in multiple colors and materials, including metallic fringe loafers. I’m obsessed with metallic fringe loafers!

In case you are new around here, I love metallic, especially metallic shoes and accessories. Since I’m not really into bright and sparkly clothing, I opt to look for accessories that subtly add some unexpected sparkle to my look every now and then. So, it’s not much of a shock that I’ve been eyeing and dying over all the metallic fringe loafers out this season. They are the perfect mix of classic meets fun and trendy. I’m so down for this trend, FYI.

I first became of obsessed with this style of loafer when Gucci (of course) released the metallic version of their leather fringe loafer pumps. Ridiculously amazing, in my opinion. The only thing I couldn’t fall in love with was the price. Thankfully, other brands realized the beauty in metallic fringe loafers and followed suit with their own renditions of this revitalized classic shoe style. So thankful for mass production and lower prices.

So, you know your girl some low and high options for you to strut in some glitter fringe loafers this season. Check them out!

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Overnight Hair Treatments

overnight hair treatments

Awhile back, I shared some beauty products that are designed for you to use overnight. In that post, I included a couple of overnight hair treatments, but I not that many. So, let’s discuss overnight hair treatments just a little bit more.

Most overnight hair treatments are used to help moisturize and strengthen your hair while you sleep. As someone with thick, color-treated, naturally curly hair, I put always treat my hair with something that’s moisturizing. One of the simplest treatments you can add to your hair is to add oils to your hair and scalp at night. The types of oils you use depends on your hair type. I usually massage coconut oil on my hair and add a little tea tree oil to my scalp at night, which my hair loves. However, sometimes your hair can appreciate a little more ingredients from a products that created to help treat your hair overnight. That’s when it’s time to look into an overnight hair treatment.

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Happy Birthday to Me v.35

happy birthday to me v.35

Thirty-five years ago, a G was born and that G is me. Today is my birthday! As usual, I’m very happy to arrive at another year and I’m proud and happy to say that I turn 35 today. Man, time flies when you’re not paying attention.

First off, let me know say, I’m not one of those people that make a big spectacle out of their birthday, I can even recall a couple of years when I forgot that it was my birthday until someone called to wish me happy day. Yep. I’m that person. However, I’m am one that loves and appreciates life. I acknowledge how blessed I am that I get to see another year with no pressing health issues or stressful issues. #SoBlessed

When it comes to reflecting and assessing my life and upcoming year, like most people, I do that on January 1st. However, I think I want to start doing some type of assessment on my birthday, as well. I want to use my birthday as a check-in/ progress report. I feel like I’ve been coasting for the past 34 years, but I’m ready to increase the speed and I’m ready for any turbulence that I might experience along way.

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LINK-END ROUND-UP: September 23, 2016

link-end round-up 9-23-2016

It’s the first Friday of fall and the first Link-End Round-Up for Fall 2016. Can you tell that I love the first day of things? Well, I do! Actually, I’m more happy for it finally being Friday. This week was very emotionally overwhelming. The main reason is because I finally came to terms with a lot of things that make me happy and productive due to me working on my discipline. So, in the process, I had to learn to stop doing some things that were holding me back while learning to embrace things that I needed to nurture more. It might sound a little confusing to explain, but in the end, I feel so rejuvenated and enlightened. It’s definitely been a process, but I have already felt and seen the positive effects it has made in my life for the better.

In other pressing news, the season of some of my favorite shows has returned and I finally had my first Soy Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season and it was great! However, I’m still in hot tea mode, because I still feel a cold trying to get into my life and I’m not having that with my birthday just a few days away.

So, my birthday is on Monday and I will be happily turning 35 years old. Some people dread getting older, but not me. I embrace it and enjoy it. Actually, I’m going to share more about my feelings about my birthday on Monday’s post. So, be sure to check back in on Monday to celebrate with me!

See you Monday and enjoy this week’s edition of Link-End Round-Up.

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