Currently Shopping For 3 Random Things

Get ready for a humble brag. For the past couple of months, I’ve been doing very good on my journey to shop less and save more. However, despite me doing amazing with shopping less and saving more, I still have urges. When it comes to shopping, I only buy things that I need, which has been hard to do while in Target buying tissue and paper towels. I’m currently shopping for three random things that I need now or in the very near future.

Currently Shopping for Three Random Things | STAINED COUTURE

There are three things in particular that I’m searching for and they are either very random or “out there”. However, if you’re interested, keep reading.

The first thing that I’ve been searching for are woven baskets, in every size. Initially, I wanted a large woven basket to place my fiddle leaf plant. Said fiddle leaf recently died due to lack of sun and cold weather conditions. However, my want for woven baskets hasn’t died. Now, I’m on the hunt for a woven laundry basket, which has been a little tricky. However, I go lucky! I found a really chic and functional woven laundry basket with handles that I didn’t realize I wanted til I saw them.

I have a couple of weekend getaways planned in the next couple of months, which means I will be floating in a hotel pool. So, I’ve been looking at new swimsuits, which isn’t odd. However, the style of swimsuit I’ve been looking for is odd for me. For some reason, swim dresses have been piquing my interest. They’ve been a little difficult to find, but Fashion World range of swim dresses is nice. I like how they have the look of a cute mind dress, but would look cute with a open cover. I’m really leaning toward this white leopard print swim dress, because it’s cute and has built-in shapewear. WIN!

The final random thing I’ve been shopping for are peachy eye shadows and liners. I think peach is going to be epic in makeup this spring. Actually, peach is a good option every spring beauty look, but this season it’s going to everywhere and in every shade. I’ve been wanting a true, matte peach shade that I can wear on my eyes. Personally, I picture a shade that looks similar to peach chalk. I know – weird. However, it’s the only beauty thing I want for spring…at the moment.

What’s something that you’re currently shopping for spring? Share below!

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