Retail Therapy Is Still Effective

This is a very impromptu post, because my morning started off on a bad note. First of all, I woke up in a sweat, because it was super humid in my bedroom. Next, I recently took in my neighbors puppy to find him a new home, which has been adjustment. However, he’s leaving today. Finally, my BF was in ugly mood that I felt he was trying to push over to me. So, I had to push it back, because I can’t deal with that. After grabbing a large cup of iced coffee with 2 shots of espresso on the way to work, I started to feel a little better. However, my mood became a bucket of sunshine when I saw that Shopbop was having a 3 day sale on sale items. Let the retail therapy commence!

STAINED COUTURE | Retail Therapy Day

I picked up a couple of item, which were mainly shoes. My summer shoe game has been mostly flip flops and that needed to change. However, while digging around, I saw some things that I feel like you needed to know about. The sale is 25% off sale items, which means most of this stuff will be gone in a flash. Keep reading to see some of my favorite items from the sale and what items I bought during retail therapy. Warning, some of these items might sell out before you know it. So, hop in them fast, sis!

But, first here are the details about the sale:

RETAIL THERAPY | Shopbop 3 Day Sale 2018

Now let’s check out some of the goods!

One of the items I picked up was these Free People Barcelona Wrap sandals in black. I also wanted this pair in the yellow, but I don’t have much to wear them with other than all black. However, they are on sale for $54 and will ring up to $40 and some change with the 25% off.

RETAIL THERAPY | English Factory Smocked Set

Currently feeling 2-piece sets and this smocked set by English Factory is ridiculously adorable. Apparently, a lot of other people agree, because it’s only available in large. However, it’s available in black or green and on sale for $77 + 25% off with code.

I’m always down for a cheeky mug, no matter how basic the saying. This morning set of 3 mugs are handmade, fun, and minimalist-friendly. They’re on sale for $33 + 25% off with code.

RETAIL THERAPY | Hysteria Nina Socks

It’s not too late to get on board with fancy statement socks. Hop on with these Hysteria Nina Socks that are black fishnet with a turquoise band at the ankles. Currently on sale for $12 + 25% off with code.

RETAIL THERAPY | Sam Edelman Celina Espadrilles

Another pair of shoes I scored were these Sam Edelman Celina leopard print Espadrilles. I needed another pair of casual leopard print shoes and these looked perfect, which are on sale for $71.50 + 25% off with code.

RETAIL THERAPY | Mackage Keeley Satchel

When I was shopping the sale this morning, I was so focused on shoes that I only skimmed the bag section. It wasn’t until after I placed my order that I spotted this super cute Mackage satchel. The palm print is killer, the shape is perfect, and it’s on sale for $270 + 25% off. If it’s still available on Friday, I might grab it up to carry around all summer.

What was your last retail therapy purchase? Share below!

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