Small Dining Room Design Inspirations

I’ve decided that my next project is to finally create a dining space in my apartment. Yes, I have a dining area, but I still haven’t used it and I’ve been living there for over 2 years. So, I’m ready to finally try to figure out what I want that space to look and feel like. I’ve been looking at different styled small dining room design and spaces online for inspiration.

Small Dining Room Design Inspirations | STAINED COUTURE

Personally, my home decor style over the years has developed into eclectic details with deep hues of blue and green. Since my living room and dining space is one big open space, both spaces need to miNgle together but noT clash. Hence, this is the main dilemma and casue of my anxiety when I think about this project. Still, I’m ready for this challenge and keep reading to see my current thoughts about how I want to decorate this space.

Let’s start with the technical stuff – dimensions. According to my apartments, the space is

Nook Dining Space | STAINED COUTURE

My dining space is basically a big nook, which is a space with two walls. So, a corner bench with a table would be perfect. I love the look of this nook design, because it’s bright and refreshing. However, it can also double as a workspace and extra seating for entertaining. Also, I would absolutely go with a circle table, as well. Makes the space look more modern.

bistro style dining space | STAINED COUTURE

Initially, I thought the best idea would be a bistro style setting. The traditional bistro setting is 2 chairs and a small table. I think I ventured off from that idea, because it would make the space look blah or thrown together. However, I love the style of this setting with a small white table paired with cream and black wickered and wood chairs.

small dining room  large pieces | STAINED COUTURE

I have to admit that the one thing that detered me from going bistro style is that the pieces are usually small and I do like larger furniture. This bistro style setting with bigger table and chairs would probably fit me better – literally and figuratively. LOL


dining space with 3 chairs | STAINED COUTURE

Although my ideas for this space have been all over the place, there has always been one piece I’ve wanted – a white circle table. A styling design I wanted to try with said table is to use stand alone chairs. However, the space seems too small for the traditional 4 chairs. So, I’m definitely think about trying just 3 shairs like this set up. I also love the contrasting of the modern white table with the heavy dark wood chairs. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find 3 chairs on Facebook market and get them for steal since it’s not a traditional set. *fingers crossed*

Well, in the end, it looks like I’m definitely going with a white, circular table. However, it’s nice to see there are a few styling options that I can go with for the space.

Any thoughts or suggestions on how to style small dining room design and spaces? Share below!

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