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Card Holders for the Girls

Card Holders for the Girls

Card Holders for the Girls | STAINED COUTURE

How was your Christmas? Mine was lovely – I got everything I requested and then some. However, every year, there are some things I wish I had asked for in the end. I usually share those items in the January Lust-Have List. However, one item I recently realized I regret not asking for is a card holder. Not just any card holder, but I want a card holder that has little extra to it.

Personally, I have a history of looking for the right wallet for me. For years, I was into big, zippered tri-fold wallets. I got into those big wallets after I got my first “big girl” job. After a couple of years of that, I decided that I wanted to smaller and moved to wallet keychains. Now, I’m ready to go smaller with card holder cases.

Using a card case might not practical for many. However, I rarely carry cash, which includes coins. Plus, almost everything is digital and/or on my phone. Therefore, this move just makes more sense to me. Now, I just need to find the right one for me.

Here the ones that I’ve been eyeing and leaning toward purchasing.

Card Holders for the Girls

  • All Black Monogram YSL – This all black card holder looks sexy and discreet, which is must for many.
  • Card Case Belt Bag – This card case comes with a detachable belt to make this more functionable when needed.
  • Tan MCM Card Case with Keychain – That first “big girl” wallet I spoke of earlier is the same design of this one, which is probably why I fancy this one so much.
  • Gold Tory Burch Card Case – A gold accessory will always hold a special place in my heart, which this one from Tory Burch is doing.
  • Cream MCM Card Case – It’s the classic MCM print but in cream and it’s slim
  • Smythson Flat Card Holder – You can never go wrong with a flat card holder made out of amazing leather.
  • Slim Folded Card Case – This one comes in many color, monogrammed and super affordable while being well made. Plus it folds for extra security.
  • Marni Card Case – This Marni case looks luxury but also casual. I kind of love that! Actually, I really love that!
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