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A little bit of “Eye Spy” mixed with some “Tee Time” and a drizzle of “Swooning For”

USA! USA! I’m one of those people that loves when the summer Olympics rolls around.

The last time the Olympics were in action, I was at my previous job where I only had to work W-F 9:30 – 3:30. So, that gave me more than enough time to lounge around the house and watch Team USA do work!

However, here I am at a semi-new job, where I’m expected to be here M-F from 9-6. Yep. So, that doesn’t leave me enough time to prop myself up on my sofa and watch sports all day. Hmm, my boss has been on vacation since last Thursday and doesn’t come back until Monday, August 13th. I wonder did he take off those days to watch the Olympics. If so, that man is a genius in my book!

Anyway, I need some Olympic/Team USA garb to rock. I’ve been eyeing and loving this simple tank top from Nike, who is maker of all official Olympic clothes, that bears the classic Nike logo of “Just Do It”, but with “USA” added to it. Love it! Apparently, ultimate and uber NBA wife to Kobe Bryant, Vanessa, felt the same way about the tank, because she was seen rocking the red version of it while watching the some Olympic action in London with her Team USA hubby and one of their adorable daughters.

It’s available in red and white for $28.

Stay Stylish!

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New Year. New Style. New Want.

Every summer, Nike releases a new collection of women’s sneaker/sandals. For the past couple of  years, they have been releasing their Gladiator sandal with slight changes, but the same cute, comfy, and casual style. I wanted the Gladiator IIs so bad last year, but I wanted them too late and couldn’t find them.

Well, I was wondering did they re-do the Gladiator and had a Gladiator III lurking around out there. So, I decided to check out NikeStore.com. I don’t know if there is a Gladiator III or not, because as soon as I laid eyes on the Artimesia, I was like “Gladiator III, who?”

Yep, I want these soo bad right now! They kind of remind me of the Givency lace-up jellies that came out a couple of years ago.

The Artimesia is available in black and a brownish/grey called Smoke. I want them both. So, ehhh…

Stay Stylish!

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Last Thing I Need is Another Pair, But…

I know there is Shoppers Anonymous, but are there tailored classes for people that buy just a certain thing…like for example…off the top of my head…say Nike Air Maxes? If so, where do I sign up, because this is getting ridiculous?

I’m averaging, 2012 alone, 1.2 pair a month and if I buy these today after work, I will jump to 1.4 a month. Still, I have a feeling I’m going to go and buy these fruit punch Nike Air Max Navigate after work and how could I not. I love the reptile texture fabric and the coral and neon green accents. Perfect! Plus, I got the perfect coral tank that would match these perfectly!

It’s official, I’M BUYING THESE!!

Stay Stylish!

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Pre-Order Pondering….Neon Nike Air Max 1

Yep, I’m still in sneaker shopping mode. In the past couple of months, I’ve acquired 2 pair of Air Max 95 and the much sought after white cement IV Jordans. This doesn’t even include the pair of my sneakers I bought for my newly minted ex.

I’m really into Air Max, right now, preferably the ’87, ’94, and ’95 styles. They are chic, classic, and super comfy.

Neon is going to be HUGE this spring and summer. You can tell that just by walking around the clothing department of any store and take notice of all the neon colors on everything from tanks to shoes. I’ve always been a fan of neon during spring, usually neon pink nails and accessories. However, I’m all about neon green and yellow this season. So, when I saw that Nike is going to release some neon yellow Air Max ’87 this April, I pretty much broke out a dougie in my computer chair.

The Air Max 1 a.k.a Air MAx ’87 has a neon yellow canvas upper with white and cooll grey sole. They are scheduled to be released in April 2012 and I want a pair so bad that I’m actually thinking about pre-ordering them from Crooked Tongues.

Stay Stylish!

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