Books To Read In Your 20s

Reading was my go to hobby in my 20s.  Unfortunately, most of them were either required reading for a class or Zane novels. If you aren’t aware of Zane novels, then you might want to get on that, but be prepared to “clutch your pearls”. Anyway, most of the books weren’t really motivating or prepared me for real life. It wasn’t until I was mad dashing into my 30s when I developed the desire to read books that made me think. The internet wasn’t has lush and developed as it now. So, there weren’t really any lists of what books to read based on your life.

Books To Read In Your 20s

Thankfully, it’s never too late to learn. However, in your 20s is when you’re really experimenting and pondering they path you want to take. So, I’m sharing books that I’ve read, but wish I read in my 20s. Peep the list and reasons below.

Books To Read In Your 20s – 48 laws of Power

48 Laws of Power is a book that everyone should read; no matter your age. However, I feel that reading this book in your 20s, post college, will help you mentally prepare for  the different personality types and situations you may encounter. Most of these “laws” will give you leverage in situations and come out on the winning side. Not to mention, it’s a good reference book to reach for your entire life.

Books To Read In Your 20s – Tiny Beautiful Things

Like, 48 Laws of Power, Tiny Beautiful Things will help prepare you for different situations you may encounter. However, this book will help prepare you for more personal situations such as relationships; family and romantic. Comprised of articles from the Dear Sugar advice column; you will get some insight on personal, internal struggles as well. The age of some of the people who submitted articles range from fresh out of school to fresh into retirement. So, some of the advice you read won’t be valuable to you for decades, but you never know.

Books To Read In Your 20s – Anti 9-5

Oh, how I wish I read this book when I was in college, because I think it would’ve definitely helped me compose a real career path. I’m not sure I would be an entrepreneur or in any other job that didn’t require me report to someone else. However, I think reading this book would’ve made me explore all the possible money-making options before settling on any secure position. This book is filled with various career paths that I didn’t realize existed. Also, there’s plenty of references for creating your business, non-profit, and private sector.

Books To Read In Your 20s -You are A Badass

One thing I lacked in my early life, pre-30s, is confidence. I entered so many chapters of my life without the right amount of confidence. Therefore, I crawled out of most them those situations feeling less than when I entered them. Thankfully, over the years, I learned to run out instead of crawling out of bad situations. One of the reasons why I more confident is because of this classic Jen Sincero gem, You Are A Badass.  This authentic, feisty book is full of self-help advice. However, if being spoon-fed advice with sugar sprinkled on top is your preference, this book isn’t for you. It’s refreshing, hilarious, and inspiring – almost like me slapped back into reality from your BFF.

What book you read later in life that you wish you read earlier? If so, share below!

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