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Black Lifestyle Bloggers Worth Reading

Recently, there has been a lot of whispers of blogs coming back. I know that sounds weird considering that there are many of us that still regularly blog. However, IG and TikTok kind of put a damper on the number of blogs that regularly update their content. Recently, Grace of The Stripe shared a list of blogs that she still regularly reads. On her post, someone commented that her list wasn’t really diverse and she agreed. Her reasons was valid and one was very true for me, too; it’s getting hard to run across diverse and inclusive bloggers. A few weeks ago, I went looking for more black lifestyle bloggers that post fashion, beauty, and everything in between.

Of course, there are plenty on Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok.  However, finding ones that regularly blog and share on their own site it hard.

Black Lifestyle Bloggers | STAINED COUTURE

Still, there are a few out in the blogsphere still blogging regularly. Keep reading to see a fabulous list of black bloggers that still post regularly and post quality content.

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Fixing My Dry Skin Post Winter

One thing people don’t emphasize enough about getting older is the transformation of your skin. Of course, we know about wrinkles and loss of elasticity of your skin, but what about the skin type? Yes, your skin type can and will change with age and time. I spent most of my life having oily, acne-prone skin, which made my teenage years a dream. However, now that I’ve crossed into my 40s, my skin type is type that I never thought I would have; dry. For the past few weeks, I’ve been waking up to some of the driest skin I’ve ever seen on me. So, I’ve been adding more hydrating products here and there, but now I’m ready to start fixing my dry skin problem.

Repairing Dry Skin Post Winter | STAINED COUTURE

Unfortunately, dry skin on my face is a new issue that I’m experiencing. I have used some products over the years that have helped me and others who have had to deal with the occasional dry, patchy skin. So, I’ve dug deep into my memory bank and skincare blog and sites and picked up a some products to help. Keep reading to see what I recently picked up to try and why.

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