EMPTIES: October 2023

EMPTIES: October 2023



It’s honestly blowing my mind that this year almost over – DUNZO!

Last month, I only used up a few products and here are my final thoughts. A couple of these are definitely the final final thoughts. Keep reading for the deets.

First up is one of my go-to sunscreens – Black Girl Sunscreen – except in a limited edition packaging. BGS teaming up with The Little Mermaid movie made so much sense. I’ve talked about this sunscreen so much over the years – I think I retired it. However, I had to share this packaging with you. I used up half this bottle when I was on vacation back in August.

The next product is a product that I think may become a future retiree from this list. The Mielle Scalp and Hair oil is that girl, because it helped my hair grow and feel stronger. I only apply it on my scalp a couple times a week so I wouldn’t clog up my hair growth. This was the second bottle I used up. One bottle with the same results will have me retiring this from future EMPTIES post. I haven’t bought a new bottle, yet. However, I will get one before my next hair appointment, because I want to lighten up my ginger hair a little.

The next 2 products were free gift with purchase from Ulta and Sephora. Sephora threw in this bottle of Moroccan Hair treatment, which I regret not using as a hot oil treatment, because it’s very thick. I would apply a drop on  my ends on nights when my hair was curly. Did a great job sealing ends. The Drunk Elephant Protini cream was my free birthday gift from Ulta. My go-to daily moisturizer has peptides, so I was already aware of the amazement of peptides. I did enjoy this deluxe sample, but I probably would’ve enjoyed it more in the winter. She’s a little thick! In the end, I enjoyed both of these samples.

Have you tried any of the products in this EMPTIES post? Share below.

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