Tandem Hair Washing Routine

Tandem Hair Washing Routine

Tandem Hair Wash Routine | STAINED COUTURE

For the past month I’ve been trying tandem washing my hair. Tandem washing it basically switchihng up which hair products you use every other time you wash you hair. This doesn’t mean every you wash you hair you use different product, but I guess you can. However, I use a system that provides one thing for my hair and then next time I use another system that provides something completely different.

Confused and/or want to know more about this process and  what producs I use, please keep reading.

Personally, I try to wash my hair every 3-5 days, which is essential for healthy hair growth. A clean scalp is the first step to helping your hair grow, which means regularly washing your hair is neccessary.

I feel like I’ve spent millions of hours trying to find the right shampoo and conditioner that would help my hair when I wear curly or straight. When I wear my hair curly, it tends to need more hydration. However, when I straighten it, it needs to be strong due to heat. Of course, there are products out that claim to do both, but the results are lackluster. That is why I decided to start using a tandem routine of going between cleansing systems that provide hydration or strength.

Like I mentioned, tandem means using one thing after the other and can be used in your hair routine. Your hair can get become bored and numb to your products, which will sometimes make you think they don’t work anymore. This will also cause you to think that you need to buy a new product.

However, before you do that, you may want to try tandem hair washing. Depending on your hair type, you may need to alternate a different shampoo and conditioner every other wash day. Since I have color treated curly hair, I need products that strengthen and moisturize my hair. Therefore I alternate between moisturizing routine and bonding routine.

The system I’ve bee using for hydratrating my hair is the Amika Hydro Rush Shampoo and Conditioner. MY BFF gave the Moisture Magnet Wash Kit from Amika that include the shampoo and conditiner, as well a travel size amount of the leave-in conditioner and overnight hydration mask. It pays to have a BFF that’s also your hair stylist! 😀

My bestie has been raving about Amika products for a while. Honestly, I think she got tired of me not tying it out for myself.  So, she gave me this to prove her points. Mission Accomplished: I can’t recall the last time my hair felt and looked that soft after I washed it. Even after applying a little heat, it was still super soft and bouncy. However, I mostly wear my natural curls when use the moisture products. My curly, color-treated hair needs all the moisture it can get.

As for when I plan to wear my hair straight, I use shampoo and conditioner that rebuild and repair hair. I recently started testing a new duo, but the Olaplaex No 4 Shampoo and Olaplex No 5 Conditoner has never failed me. Another product my bestie put me on to and another reason to have friend as professional hair stylist. lol

The reason this combo is good for when I plan to staighten my hair is because the shampoo cleanses and hydrates the hair. Whereas the conditioner makes the hair feel nourished, stong and also hydrated. This combo helps make the hair stronger before your heat styling, but also protect the hair. However, I still use a heat protectant – I’m not that foolish. lol

Please note that I don’t alternate styling depending on whichever routine I’m using. There have been days when I use my moisture routine on days when I straightened my hair. The right products will make sure your hair will always be prepared for whatever you throw at it. You just need to keep it on it’s toes. 😉

Have you tried a tandem hair washing routine? Share below!

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