Best Drugstore Lip Plumping Glosses

I love a good plumping lip gloss! I already have fuller lips, but I used plumping glosses to help my lips look smooth and slightly fuller. Sometime, I feel like I’ve tried every gloss that promises fuller lips known to man. I probably feel this way because I buy almost every plumping gloss I run across – high end and drugstore. However, I think my favorite are the drugstore lip plumping glosses.

Drugstore Lip Plumping Glosses | STAINED COUTURE

To be honest, I feel like the best plumping glosses I’ve tried have been ones that I can buy in the same store as a loaf of break and dishwashing liquid. Easily accessible is my jam. Keep reading to see my recommendations for the best drugstore plumping glosses.

My first experience with a plumping gloss was thick and burned, but in a good way. I bought that way back in the 90s at the beauty supply store, but could never find it for years. However, the LA Girl Lip Plumper Tinted reminds me so much of it and for multiple reasons. First, it’s that classic thick and sticky gloss that makes any pair of lips look full and plump. Also, the tingling sensation is the classic one that makes actually plump up – not just look. Finally, it’s only $6 and comes in slighted tinted option or a shimmer option. The tinted one is the one I always get.

A few months ago, I randomly picked up a small tube of the Physicians Formula Diamond Glow Lip Plumper. It was a true random and impulse purchase, because I was not looking for a new lip gloss. However, the crushed diamond texture intrigued me and I fell hard for this gloss. The diamond shimmer is so subtle, as well as the plumping effect. Unlike the LA Girl gloss, this one is not thick. It applies and feels like a regular gloss, which makes it a safe bet for all. It’s available in a few shades, but I get the sheer pink. The pink works great over other colors or on it’s own.

Another random purchase that has turned into a new love is the NYX Fat Oil Lip Drop gloss. This more of a lip oil that give the illusion of a slight pout with extra shine. My current daily lip is this gloss in ‘Newsfeed’ topped with the Physicians Formula gloss mentioned above. Pretty sure that this combo is going to be my summer lip. However, it also looks great alone for a gentle pink pout.

My BFF swears by the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss. Unlike most plumping glosses, this one barely tingles to give some plumpness to your pout. Unfortunately, I woner if it’s being discontinued in the states, because I could only find it on Amazon with a price markup. So, this recommendation may only be for the UK babes, but BFF loves it and hates she can’t find it anymore.

Have you tried any drugstore lip plumping glosses before?

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