It’s NYE! I’m so excited…that this year is almost over! That’s for another time.

Even though I have to work today on NYE, I’m having a NYE party thrown at my house tonight and I still don’t know what I’m wearing. Nothing too glitzy or too casual. I would love to fall on the border line of Jessica Rabbitt meets family Christmas dinner. That’s random.

Anyway, while looking at pieces to get inspiration of what I might be able to concoct in my closet, I ran across these Charlotte Olympia Sweet Dolly heels. I mean, straight cavities in the form of a pair of fabulous baby blue/ periwinkle suede pumps with 6 in. and 1.5 gold platforms with a detachable anklet that looks like those candy bracelets I used to beg the neighborhood candy lady to keep in stock when I was a little girl. So sweet, but chic with the removal of the anklets.

Hmm, these fall on the border of Jessica Rabbit on Easter Sunday, don’t you think?

Stay Stylish!

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